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Are women and men completely and unequivocally free to choose whether to have children or not?

I am curious to know if there is still some pressure and persuasion exercised by families and society in terms of marriage and procreation.

Is religion an influence when it comes time to make the choice?

Is there a stigma associated with women and men that opt not to have children?

I am hoping to hear about your personal experiences not so much about the research or the data available.


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    Mar 16 2011: Depends on the individual and the people they are surrounded by/choose to surround themselves with.

    I have never wanted children. Ever. Not even fleetingly. My parents were fine with it, I had the odd comment as I got older from extended family members. ("You'll meet the right man and he'll make you want children." Really? You mean at gunpoint?)

    And then they saw me with other people's children and it became clear even to them that nope, some people really aren't meant to have kids.

    Does everyone have that level of freedom? (By which I mean those with my socio-economic background in Canada). Depends on their sphere. I doubt there's an absolute answer to this question. Everyone has different circumstances.

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