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Human genetic engineering: Is there any reason why we shouldn't aim to improve ourselves genetically?

what are your views on this?

Topics: genetics

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    May 24 2012: One reason might be that we have never come to any conscensus about the definition of 'improve'.
    • May 26 2012: When it comes to aesthetical aspects, like eyecolor, that might be true. But resistance to diseases, better muscle development, higher intelligence... I don't think those couldn't be defined as 'improvements'.
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        May 26 2012: Agreed, also I think there should be a focus on human GE geared towards helping us live in space to somehow counteract some of the effects of low gravity such as calcium deficiency etc. I think I remember watching something where NASA had developed a bacteria that reflected UV rays and I think they were thinking of putting these bacteria into skin cells of astronauts.
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        Jun 21 2012: hi Mark! I can tell that this is something near to your heart. Could you ponder for a moment the difference between what you would consider a personal improvement and what your girlfriend/ sife would consider for you. Men might want a penis enlargment but would their wife want the same thing? On this small scale we begin to see how our definitions differ

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