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Use abandoned steel shipping containers as a base. They come in 20ft and 40ft lengths. USA imports so much that there are millions of them.

A shipping container survives a global sea trip. It can be shipped and set up very quickly. Before shipping the unit, it has to be set up as a functioning shelter (water, Bathroom, Cooking and sleeping facility. ) After use they can be stored and stacked in a small space and used again.

the containers can be purchased very cheaply.

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    Jun 21 2012: Many charities in Canada ship their donations in such containers. when they arrive at their destinations sometimes they cut doors and windows into them and add necessary or viable improvements to create a new building, home or business to that community. Great suggestion!
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    May 31 2012: They will take too long to transport enough of them in time of need. Earth Bag Construction is the way to go. Trouble is there is little to no profit to be made by entrepreneurs. A much more logical solution, low tech is what is required for disaster relief.
  • May 29 2012: Steel shipping & storage containers can be converted into many different types of enclosures. They are basically an empty shell. They are not particularly cheap or in over abundance right now, however they are available in new and second hand condition depending on the model.
    The real expense comes into play once the fabrication begins. You cannot live in an empty used 20ft long $2300 steel box so by the time you are finished converting just one container into a viable livable dwelling you can easily spend $20,000+.
    Yes, I sell containers and we specialize in fabrication work.
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    May 28 2012: This is being done in the US for emergency kitchens and emergency power generation. Each emergency kitchen can produce about 400 to 800 meals per day for a 40 ft unit. If you use instant (heat and eat) food the number can go as high as 1000 per day. It seems like the 20 ft. containers would work well for temporary living quarters... Cooking and sleeping with communal facilities for toilets and showers. Small enough to allow those using them to bond without causing the crowded rat syndromes. Nice idea!
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    May 24 2012: I have actually read about this..also did I see them being used as portable "power stations" in conectionn with tidal electric?
  • May 24 2012: This would be great for the country I reside in as people steal containers for housing. Who should I contact to know costs for importing used containers?
    Please contact Jose at fucrates@hotmail.com
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    May 24 2012: Assuming that there is aid being shipped to the area, if the containers were fitted out in such a way that they could still be used for the transport of food and medical supplies that would mitigate the cost of transporting the container. Perhaps use the containers as medical clinics and emergency shelters for bad weather etc. Each contianer could be shipped with tents in it for general shelter. Or one container could be fitted out with cooking facilities and first aid equipment for the residets of the 10 tents it contains. 40 to 50 people.
  • May 23 2012: I agree with you on the subject of an ISO container serving well as temporary housing (even as a permanent residence when modified for such purpose), but are ISO containers cheap enough to serve as shelters? And must we not consider transport cost of thousands of such units to be a hindering factor, when compared to shelters that stack (like in this video), fold or assemble?