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Make airplane ADA accessible

Benjamin is a 6yo with severe physical limitations due to CP. He is wheelchair bound, still requires a diaper, can not sit with support and uses a feeding tube through which he only consumes formula. Yet we still have to pay full price for his tickets when we travel domestic or international. If we have to pay full price why then aren't airlines who are US based held to the same ADA laws. He gets 0 accommadations for his needs, well except for preboarding which really every person with a child gets. Benjamin is app. 4ft5' so we have found that we need to change him on the floor at the back of the plane. It is very demeaning. He can't seat in his seat and at 62lbs I still have to hold him. The airlines keep increasing cost but disabled Americans are people too. It is 2012 time to make changes for those who need them. They aren't limited and should be local travel Benjamin wants to see Paris, India, Greece.