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What do you think about nanotechnology?

Despite negative effects on environment of nanotechnology, it is a revolution for many areas in manufacturing. Also, nanotech transforms the ways of obtaining and using energy. Scientists approved that nanotech will open up new methods of generating and storing energy. However, it can damage people's privacy. It can raise the possibility of microscopic recording devices so right of privacy can hang by a thread. In my opinion, nanotech will be beneficial in the future but when i asked people's opinions about nano, I saw that most of them didn't trust this technology and they said that 'the technology will damage our jobs.' I wonder your opinions.

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    May 23 2012: Every technology has side effects, researchers try to reduce risks. Regarding nanotechnology: countries and international organizations during last decade formed discussion groups, released reports, wrote articles. So far I think there is no consensus but people believe that solution lies in international cooperation and transdisciplinary approach. We should help them to develop flexible, good strategies.
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    Jun 5 2012: I totally love the hope it represents!
  • May 31 2012: It's impossible for anyone to invent something that can't be put to both good and evil usage. Same will be true for nano tech, but, if we let fear of evil-doers stand in the way of our future, we'll cease to progress. We can't let them have the initiative; they'll invent the technology anyway, then be ahead of us. On the whole, I believe technology comes up for the best, in spite of those who use it for bad. The internet, imperfect as it is, and abused as it is, is still a whole lot better than if we didn't have it at all. You, in Turkey, and me in Arizona, U.S.A. wouldn't be having this conversation without it. btw; want a weird thought on nano-tech? I've been pursuing . . . well, fantasizing . . . that it's already here in the form of viruses, but for some reason, instead of helping the human body maintain health and repair the damages of aging and eating bad foods, for some reason, viruses have become our enemies. How do we turn them back into the helpful little critters they were intended to be? Yeah, OK, I'm a crackpot, but it makes life interesting!
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    May 26 2012: I think that the ultimate in nano-technology is what drives all life systems. We are beautifully designed & engineered.

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    May 24 2012: Not much. It's too small to think about :-)