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Can anyone explain to me what 'string theory' is?

I know this is a stupid question, but I've heard about string theory many times, but have no clue what it really is. Please understand I have very little background in physic. Do you have a good explanation about what it is and why it matters a lot in our universe? Thanks!


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    May 25 2012: This simplest explanation I know is to start to imagine a huge loaf of bread with infinite length, and that huge loaf of bread is sliced into its individual slices, and in each slice of that infinite loaf is something unique and different about that slice. Now look get your own loaf of bread and slice that bread into smaller individual pieces by hand. Investigate each slice and you will see that each slice is different, and that is the multi-verse definition for string theory.

    The additional understanding I have realized it that music's effect on you is evidence enough to find that each Quark vibrates to a similar vibration, which is similar to the effect of listening to music we love or hate. Music tunes into our vibrations which connect with us deeply and the lyrics adds a bigger impact in addition to the music you find so catchy. =)

    Thanks for reading my thoughts. Hope that helped. =)
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      May 26 2012: hahaha! Now this is a very interesting analogy.
      And now you got me thinking about music too!
      Thanks a lot :)
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        May 29 2012: I'm happy to make you think of music. =)
        No problem. =)

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