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Definition of basic needs in current context

In 70s and 80s we used to hear the slogan,
Basic needs of a human being are, food, shelter and clothing.
So what are the basic needs in 2012?
What I feel, for now, we can add clean water to the basic needs but soon we will have time, where clean air, clean water, hygienic living space, and hygienic food will become the basic requirements! We only have to wait for another decade i believe to this change..
What you reckon?


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    May 28 2012: Gosh, this question is so important. It's answer once a simple one is no longer unless we all are willing to compromise, except of course the minimalists. What the basic needs for the rich is different for the middle class, or poor. Not based on reality though. What I think our basic needs are, and what John Doe thinks they are will ultimately come down to the same, but quality of life and death will change.The more we have the more we think we need. Great question btw. You might be interested to know that of the three classes, lower, middle, and upper class the happiest are............wait for it....middle. I have a website, not related to this but...http://www.maryrondoni.com Have a good weekend.

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