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How did you pick your college major?

Did you pick your major because it was your passion. For high earning potential. Because it required the least amount of credits. Maybe Mom and Dad suggested it to become a part of the family business / tradition.

If you did not attend college what would have influenced your choice of a major.

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    May 24 2012: Pick something that you are passionate about and you will succeed. You shouldn't chase after financial happiness because if you do, you will never be content with yourself. Find something you love to do and do it well. And always remember, You don't need to be good at everything, you just need to find at least one thing you are good at and try to do your best in that.
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    Jun 21 2012: Make no mistake about it - this is often one of the most difficult things to do in life. I had one of five kids (maybe two) who knew from their early teens what their life's calling was. The others like me, had to learn more widely. From the advanced age of 56 and with an avid interest in ongoing learning= I would suggest that you take the thing you are most interested in and that you find most challenging and just go for it. I was lucky enough that ,my undergrad institution allowed me to transfer departments as my English education became more and more ill fitting to my basic fascinations. It was actually a prof who directed me because he cared enough to read my inclination toward understanding motivation in my English analyses.
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    Jun 16 2012: Which time? :-D The key to what you need to do here is stop thinking of it as a political campaign where one of the reasons comes out the winner. Set up a matrix, give each category a weight based on how important it is to you (for some people making lots of money is more important than for other people). Be honest.

    Once you have those: let's say money is worth 7 points, passion is worth 5, social prestige is worth 2, and easiness of the major is worth 4. Then go across the top of the page and list majors you are considering. Score them down the grid, and compare to see which ones have the highest value.

    Now, here's the most important part: if you don't like the results, ask yourself why, and then adjust the weights you assigned and re-run it.