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How we can solve many of the critical issues facing our nation and strengthen our democracy.

Today, our nation faces many critical issues that threaten the present and future strength of our democracy. These issues include poverty; education; economic recession; unemployment; crime, violence, law enforcement, judicial, and correctional burdens; increasing debts, and deficits; and declining tax revenues. We can transform these crises into opportunities by changing the child care paradigm. If we focus on early childhood education during the most formative years of brain development birth through age 5 we can provide children an opportunity to enter schools prepared to succeed and reach their fullest positive potentials in education and life. The multiplier effect of investments in early childhood education will propagate through society for generations to come beginning with: job opportunities in construction, material and equipment supply; professional staff positions in early childhood care; and reduced remediation cost throughout the education system permitting efficacious use of financial, human, and facility resources this will produce students prepared for institutions of higher learning. Imagine the innovative contributions to science, technology, industry, medicine, government, and society. Imagine within which child’s mind is the solution to the problems we face today or in the future. Roughly 1.2 million students did not graduate from high school in 2011; the lost lifetime earnings for that class of dropouts alone total $154 billion this is an expense we cannot afford. Beyond the financial loss is the loss of possible innovative contributions to humanity. Today, we have an opportunity to lead a transformation in education and society. To facilitate this endeavor I have been working to build a coalition of community, corporations, education, and government leaders. I welcome assistance and ideas.

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    May 22 2012: Authur, Noble cause. Just a thought, but I think you are starting to high. Work with teachers, principal, superintendents, board members. Senate Education Committee Members, Senate Education Chair Rich Crandall, District 19, etc.... Find out what is in the mill, what are their goals, what is mandated, what is budgeted, etc ... There are literally hundreds of independents asking for corporate assistance etc.. Do you have a presentation, handouts, a support group of professionals that can get you into the doors necessary?

    I have been doing this for a while. Education goes in cycles. To be honest the biggest motivator is national pride or as it is today shame. In world testing we came in very near the bottom. That is when the administration became involved. Not because of national outcry about a ineffective declining system. The same thing happened when Ike was in office. The Russians launched Sputnick into space and we did not have the capability to match them. Ike immediately put the wheels in motion to focus on Engineers and mathematicians. National ego was damaged.

    The problem is that we will put on bandages to beef up a out of date system and pour in money for a while with the knowledge that when we are done we still have a 1945 Chevy with a tune up and a paint job.

    My advice is that you join the school committees, a good organization that has momentum. Make yourself know as a friend to education, as one who works with the teachers and administration and has their support. The wheels turn slowly. You are messing with the educators rice bowl. Move slow and make no waves or you will be persona non grata.

    This is not to dampen your goals but to provide focus on a different approach that has shown great results.

    Good luck in your efforts. All the best. Bob
    • May 22 2012: Dear Robert, I have a degree in early childhood education, an MBA, and years of experience providing care for children in our community. In my previous IBM career I had an opportunity to learn about how successful businesses operate. Arizona, with a few exceptions, has seen little improvement in education in the 34 years since my first child entered kindergarten in 1978. Education administrators have been focused on assessment and remediation, and have not been able to address the problems of children entering kindergarten unprepared. I have a solution that would meet the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional needs of children addressing their individual multiple intelligences, while initially providing economic stimulus in the construction industry. What I am working to build is a coalition of leaders who understand corporate social responsibility and the need to think outside the box and are willing to try a different approach to prepare their future workforce. If we are to regain our leadership in education and maintain our global competitiveness this is a necessity. Do you think the Band-Aids solutions are what our nation needs and deserves or do you think we should try a different approach. I have tried to work with the PTA as a PTA President, State Bylaws Chair, and School Community Partnership Council; however politics within these organizations stifle transformational change. I am Patient and persistent and know that someday I will meet an individual or group of individuals who understand the importance of what I am endeavoring to accomplish.
      Thank you for your consideration and time.


      Arthur Gubish
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    May 24 2012: We can strengthen our Representative Republic (not a democracy) by participating in the process by which our government functions. Vote! Campaign! Learn! Thanks Mr. Gubish.
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      May 24 2012: That's it wholly..only through our own daily engagement in governance can we have the nation we want.

      I have lately taken up blogging at all of Maine's newspaper dailies and also testifying on bills that are ALEC generated or otherwise written by and for corporate lobbies.

      I have been truly shocked to discover that Maine is a corporatocracy and has been for decades..We are a banana republic at the mercy of corporations exploiting our natural resources and maximizing profits by undoing labor and environmental protection laws.

      I was recently given a big pin which I wear proudly "CITIZEN LOBBYIST"..

      Our informed voices must be in every single bill at the state and federal level. If each of us just takes an interest in some type of legsilatin that matters to us personally, environmental protection, chldrens services, etc. there will be more than enough citizen power to matter on every bill.

      If we don't become Citizen Lobbyists we leave it all to the regulars and we deserve what we get.
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        May 24 2012: Good effort Ms. Bowker. Bravo! There is hope, but apathy and ignorance combine to make a very substantial obstacle. Keep it up, young lady!
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    May 22 2012: Well Arthur,
    Hats off for your initiative , there are simple solutions like cooperation and coordination globally but its upto the world leaders to decide which is the right option for them to decide the right path.Data assesment and clearing communication gap should help and its upto our world leaders again to think over it. The United Nations are already trying hard to achieve a global peace vision

    • May 22 2012: Dear Bharath, while I seek global peace and prosperity, I am acting locally to build a model organization that teaches children the necessary life skills during their most formative years of brain development from birth through age 5, so that they may have the best opportunity to succeed in education and life. If we want peace in the world we have to provide children with the problem solving skills so they may make the contributions to humanity that propagate peace. Peace begins with what we teach our children. We can change the world one child at a time. I am working to make a difference in the lives of children, but I need the help of others who care.

      Thank you Bharath and have a wonderful day,

      Arthur Gubish
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        May 23 2012: Wow Arthur,
        Hats off to your interesting initiative, we must educate school children too by using the same technique.We are on the verge of global reform but its just that media is more interested in other controversial news.We can still communicate the UN by writing to them.Please feel free to contact me on my profile emailID on any issues bothering you so that I can be of any help

        Best Regards,
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    Jun 21 2012: HI Arthur!Send everyone you know to TED for first hand and uniquely individual education. Live what you yourself learn.
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    Jun 12 2012: Most everyone on this thread has valid points. I think we can all agree the world markets are in trouble, and we only have a few tools left in our bag (or up our sleeves) that can be used. However, there are those in politics that do not want to. Moreover the state of the stock markets around the world are deciving. I commented a few days ago about stock market rally in the US this past week especially when Europe is in such a mess. Its worth listening and sharing with your circle of friends.