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How we can solve many of the critical issues facing our nation and strengthen our democracy.

Today, our nation faces many critical issues that threaten the present and future strength of our democracy. These issues include poverty; education; economic recession; unemployment; crime, violence, law enforcement, judicial, and correctional burdens; increasing debts, and deficits; and declining tax revenues. We can transform these crises into opportunities by changing the child care paradigm. If we focus on early childhood education during the most formative years of brain development birth through age 5 we can provide children an opportunity to enter schools prepared to succeed and reach their fullest positive potentials in education and life. The multiplier effect of investments in early childhood education will propagate through society for generations to come beginning with: job opportunities in construction, material and equipment supply; professional staff positions in early childhood care; and reduced remediation cost throughout the education system permitting efficacious use of financial, human, and facility resources this will produce students prepared for institutions of higher learning. Imagine the innovative contributions to science, technology, industry, medicine, government, and society. Imagine within which child’s mind is the solution to the problems we face today or in the future. Roughly 1.2 million students did not graduate from high school in 2011; the lost lifetime earnings for that class of dropouts alone total $154 billion this is an expense we cannot afford. Beyond the financial loss is the loss of possible innovative contributions to humanity. Today, we have an opportunity to lead a transformation in education and society. To facilitate this endeavor I have been working to build a coalition of community, corporations, education, and government leaders. I welcome assistance and ideas.


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    Jun 12 2012: Most everyone on this thread has valid points. I think we can all agree the world markets are in trouble, and we only have a few tools left in our bag (or up our sleeves) that can be used. However, there are those in politics that do not want to. Moreover the state of the stock markets around the world are deciving. I commented a few days ago about stock market rally in the US this past week http://bit.ly/LACQJE especially when Europe is in such a mess. Its worth listening and sharing with your circle of friends.

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