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What should I really do with my youth? I'm 18, and I want to really learn. Advice from any adults out there?

I am a senior in high school, just two weeks from graduation. If I end up going to college, I know that I definitely want to take a year or so off. I want to really learn things first hand. I want to see the world and study cultures and people. If anyone out there has been there and can reflect back, I would love to hear from you. What should I study? Where should I go? What should I really think about? I want to give the rest of my life a boost and give myself a solid foundation in my youth. Thank you in advance for your help.


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  • May 26 2012: Dear Mitch:
    This is a wonderful time in your life!

    Before going through any post-secondary training or education, follow the ideas you have already expressed! Take this time to explore this country, as well as other countries’, cultures and mindsets. The world is now small, and we all have to learn to be global in our orientations. NOW... is when you want to start to learn who you are as a human being. What do you value...grow your curiosity! I highly recommend that you purchased a book entitled: The Global Achievement Gap, by Tony Wagner. It will offer you a lot to think about. Go to college or seek other paths to your future when you have an answer to the: What?... and the Why? I am the director of an organization that provides career information services. I am giving you a code that you can use to set up an account. It is a new site, and I would love to have your opinion on it. The site is: www.eurekaexpress.org. You may use this code to set up a personal account: account code: J1UZFKQ.

    I wish you a protected and learning filled journey towards what may become your life's mission!
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      May 27 2012: Sumyyah,

      Thank you for the website recommendation! I made an account using your code.

      Best wishes to you as well.

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