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What should I really do with my youth? I'm 18, and I want to really learn. Advice from any adults out there?

I am a senior in high school, just two weeks from graduation. If I end up going to college, I know that I definitely want to take a year or so off. I want to really learn things first hand. I want to see the world and study cultures and people. If anyone out there has been there and can reflect back, I would love to hear from you. What should I study? Where should I go? What should I really think about? I want to give the rest of my life a boost and give myself a solid foundation in my youth. Thank you in advance for your help.


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    May 24 2012: If you have a passion..get informed and study about the subject, watch documentary films about it get inspired and visualice your self in 5 years time -10 years time and dream about how your life should be when you get to see your grandkids grow up.
    Right now enjoy what you already and have try to stay out of truble be inteligent, learn to do right from wrong, be tolerant but set your limites.
    Honor your life with your day by day actions.
    work and exercise nothing feels better for the body (apart from sex ) than a good day at work or a great work out, learn to give - give everything you can feel generous, You have 60 years to go, trust me whats goes around comes around, when you reach 60 all drugs will be legal so dont rush right now!!
    Salud from Spain

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