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Why be a good person?

If everyone in the world were altruistic, the net amount of suffering would be lower. But If I am selfish, my individual suffering is much lower than others'. What then, does one do?


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    May 24 2012: "Why be a good person..?" Because its good! You're the one person to answer that question... i think its essential to answer the question, "what is good? or who is a good person? and, why do we have the category good in the first place?" Being "good" makes life possible. i think "goodness" is at the essential core of being human. Without "goodness," we have "Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Mussolini..." the list is endless.

    Its being good as compared to being what? "bad?" whats the use in that?? being good has more to it than being bad. its giving life as opposed to killing it, healing as opposed to hurting or bruising/injuring, feeding as opposed to depriving... ad infinitum.

    Smile, dance, sing... its all good!

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