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What Makes Life Worth While?

Life is a confusing event for most i assume, at least for me it is, and there seems to be so many factors to why i feel inferior. I don't know what i should focus on, i don't know what makes me important or what i should live for.

To me this question seem to be the most complex, i wish i could understand why i am constantly looking for happiness and where to look in the first place. I have though over this question for so long that i have lost track of what i should be focusing on.

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    May 21 2012: What a great question!

    When having a baby everyone says 'all I want is a healthy baby" and I learned that when you have one who is sick the stupidity of that statement is revealed- all you ever really wanted was the baby you have- your whole life force fights for that child.
    Now I have learned that life itself makes life worth living. I almost died recently and my kids were told that I would die within hours and yet i AM still here. You fight for life whether conscious or not because life is what you have and death is such a negative. We all want open doors and a future. The fact that the future moment could change everything is reason enough to wait around.
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    May 22 2012: For me, what makes my life worth while is enjoying the little things in life. The bright sun, the sound of the birds, the win, people around us, the food we eat, every little thing in our life is a sign that we are lucky to even exist.
  • May 21 2012: I think maybe the focus has to be on living and really trying to get what that means. It is joyous, scary, challenging, corrupt, horrible, painful, exciting, and just worth it. You living and loving and being makes it worthwhile.
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    May 21 2012: Looking for happiness is like looking for air. It's everywhere but you have to know it's there.
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    May 24 2012: Jacob,
    I once heard a story of a little girl who drew a picture in art class. She was proud and went to show the teacher. As she approached the teacher's desk, she noticed a picture being drawn by another class mate that was phenomenal. She took another look at her own picture, and then went and threw it in the wastebasket. How sad that we should judge our own accomplishments by those of another. It is this mind set that we feel inferior. We try to live up to someone else's standards.

    Meditation allows us to find out who we are. We need to follow our own path, guided by our intuition (inner spirit). Only the power that created you can tell you who you are and what your calling is. No one can tell you what makes life worth while except yourself. Find it within you.

    I like your picture. It says a lot about you.
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    May 23 2012: To determine the direction of where are our focus, is to understand that we have two requirements that must be met:

    - First, our needs in the material world as enjoy and fulfill our responsibilities. If it gives a nice impression so that we can feel the life is fulfilled, then we will not feel the lack in our feelings (emptiness). One of them is trying to be patient in the face of something http://www.ted.com/conversations/11300/how_can_we_cultivate_patience.html?c=463016.

    - But if this did not satisfy our heart. We always feels empty, then this means we get a call to satisfy more often to our soul through the pathway into the self. We can do this with meditation and study how to practice that suitable to us with sincerity to get "where we are as a human being should be put in this life".

    The point is, several people are required to not only live, but rather set their selves as a part of life in a more precise (for better synchronized with others). And for this, our inner self have capability in guiding this. It's for fulfilling balance for us and others. It's the duty.

    It's like a puzzle, once we are placed at the correct place we will feel fairness and as soon as possible happiness will come automatically and gradually without being forced by us, and our life feel worthwhile.

    Less or more ...
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    May 23 2012: The way I see it is that in the world of Nature the big goal is to get good food and shelter and social life not too dramatic. Humans have the opportunity to discover the best of nature and the best of food. To me the quest for the best food and the opportunites of science make life very desireable, knowing that science could open up unlimited opportunities for more knowledge and more desires to choose from.
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    May 22 2012: freinds-network it helps,,,seek fun..
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    May 22 2012: What I have learned along the way is that I am happiest when I do not focus on myself. Yes there is a long list of why I am inferior but I am not going to focus on that. I just focus on helping other people. That is my passion and I find great joy in that. No matter what my drawbacks may be, I can still share a smile or a kind word. And every smile and kind word lifts my heart just a little.

    It's tough to remember when things get rough but the more I focus outside myself, the greater the patience I have with myself. I know it's almost counter-intuitive but it seems to work for me.

    I would suggest you are not important. It is what you do that is important so choose wisely. Find your passion and do that. You may not be good at it but the journey is what is important.

    Apart from caring for my family, making a difference on an individual level is what I love. And the further away from that I get, the more confused I get so I have to go back to that on a regular basis. But that is what I love to do. When I stray from that path, I start to question myself. You have to find what you love and take that journey. It may be your job but it may not. Maybe the job just lets you do your passion. But it's the journey that counts.

    For me, happiness is not an endpoint or something to be found. Happiness is the journey when I am on the right path.
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    May 22 2012: Jacob, if you look at the top of the TED home page under themes and click, one of the themes, which includes several dozen talks, is called something like "What makes us happy?"

    You might fund listening to some of those inspiring or useful.
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    May 22 2012: Jacob,
    I read your profile, and have difficulty understanding why you ask this question....is it a joke?

    About Me
    Current organization:
    Junior State of America
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    National Forensic League
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    Director of Fundraising & Marketing
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    Econmics, Politics & Government, Philosophy, Religion, Finance, ChemistryI am:
    Activist, Artist, Athlete, Explorer, Finance professional, Idea generator, Investor, Jewish, Musician, Performer
    English, Hebrew. .

    It is not complex at all my friend. Ask yourself....what makes life worth while? What makes your heart sing? What is YOUR perception of life and you in the life adventure. I'm impressed with the information in your profile...are you?
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    May 21 2012: I think it's important to find what makes life fun and interesting for you. For me it's traveling and savoring the times I'm experiencing something new and inspiring.

    That and junior mints...junior mints definitely make life worthwhile.
  • May 21 2012: When we are struggling over how we are important, we are still being centered on self. Start with altruism. Make your life less centered on your self. Focus on how your existence can make the world better for some one else. When you start doing that eventually your own purpose will become clear.

    Do small things ask yourself each day if anyone's life has been made better today because you lived. It can be easy. Hold open a door, smile at some one who is down, be kind. If you can answe that question at the end of the day and say yes some one's life is better because I lived you will have the answer to your larger question.
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    May 21 2012: Hope is what makes life worthwhile. We should hope to have God-given courage and strength to overcome life's brutal challenges.

    It is human to sometimes want acutely, something that cannot be had in this world. We long for perfection in our imagination and the world offers a glimpse of it. But it never quite keeps its promise; it dashes our hope.
    Living with hope is the only way of living a happy life in this world of serial trials.
    Nature has its ways of satisfying the desires of living creaures. So if humans, the most intelligent of all creations, have desires that can not be met by life on earth; then there is definately a supernatural state that meets them. Hopelessness is a hellish experience.