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How did you find you life's work and passion after age 40? Is it possible?

I'm trying to find my passion in a career. I took the path most traveled and I found myself lost, unfulfilled after 25 years of working for a paycheck. I never discovered what I truly enjoyed and ended up here. No more excuses, only left to take action :)


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    Jun 21 2012: Since you asked, here are some perspectives I used once I turned 40 to figure out if my career and life goals lined up at all... It's a scary process. Ultimately, you are the sole judge of the success of your evaluation. I think you will find that your answer will come from self inspection. Forgive the past. You did it. It's in the books. You traded money for time. I understand your viewpoint. Life is short. Do something fulfilling!

    What is your overall mission that you want to achieve during your life? Ariel is on the path of finding a passion. I also recommend focusing on projects or work you are passionate about. You have skills and talents you developed over 25 years of working. I recommend taking a personal inventory on what you know and how it could help you achieve your goals. You have work to do on this - write out what your personal mission is. It could be simple, or very complex. This is your mission. Once you have a mission statement, how are you going to achieve it? Your goals come from stating your mission, and then fill it in with "I will do this by doing xxxx" or "I will accomplish this by supporting xxxx"

    I hope this helps.
    Brad Norton

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