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How did you find you life's work and passion after age 40? Is it possible?

I'm trying to find my passion in a career. I took the path most traveled and I found myself lost, unfulfilled after 25 years of working for a paycheck. I never discovered what I truly enjoyed and ended up here. No more excuses, only left to take action :)


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    May 28 2012: Woody, at 44 I took stock of my life in much the same way. I sat down with my most trusted and oldest friends and asked them, and I sat down and made a list of thing that made me, well me. Then I actually did it, dropped almost everything, went back to school full time and worked full time to pay the bills, and went to medical school at 46. I can't believe the life I've found for myself...and I wouldn't have traded a single moment that it took for me to get here, because the power of my path to medical school has given me so much freedom and courage to stand up for myself and my patients in a way that the twenty-something medical students never get. So Woody, I say really, really search your soul, write it down, run it by a trusted adviser...and strap on the running shoes. You're just getting started!

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