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How did you find you life's work and passion after age 40? Is it possible?

I'm trying to find my passion in a career. I took the path most traveled and I found myself lost, unfulfilled after 25 years of working for a paycheck. I never discovered what I truly enjoyed and ended up here. No more excuses, only left to take action :)


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    May 22 2012: Hi Woody, It's never too late to live your life in tune with who you really are - and your 15 years of unfulfilled career need not be a waste of life. Knowling what you don't want is a valuable gift.

    You're a US citizen so I guess you were brought up to be an extrovert go-getter with considerable drive and ambition to climb up the career ladder (am I correct?) Perhaps your more reflective, perhaps your not ambitious or materalistic... Finding who you are can be difficult as you may have to become someone you've never allowed yourself to be before - yourself!

    If you can afford to set aside a period of time (weeks or months) to relax and let your mind drift into new areas of thought and imagination you may begin to consider areas of interest that are surprising to you now. Make a list and then try these out - even if only in a voluntry basis. Good luck!
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      May 22 2012: Your characterization is very accurate! It is difficult to become someone I never allowed myself to be AND what that is exactly I'm trying to figure out. Thank you

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