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How did you find you life's work and passion after age 40? Is it possible?

I'm trying to find my passion in a career. I took the path most traveled and I found myself lost, unfulfilled after 25 years of working for a paycheck. I never discovered what I truly enjoyed and ended up here. No more excuses, only left to take action :)


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  • May 22 2012: Forty is just a number- our life expectancy is increasing, we, the privileged, educated class, can probably expect several careers over thisextended lifetime. Stop worrying about the time running out and take some time to reflect on what you want to be doing for the next few years. What are the things which most bug you about the world and what talents do you have which could help debug it? What activities get you into 'flow' where time and bodily requirements recede in the absorption you are experiencing in being truly inspired and creative? What has most interested and delighted you over your lifetime? Get in touch with your inner child and rediscover your curious child.Once you have really explored these 'feelings' and thoughts your passion or passions will emerge. The stronger your image of what you want to be doing- the more likely it is that your brains reticular activating system will find you the task you were meant to do in the world. I wish you joy in your explorations. Seeking is part of the joyfulness available to those of us in the lucky position of being able to concentrate on Self Actualisation.
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      May 22 2012: Thank you Annette - very sound advice. It's a hard process to go through. I agree with your direction to take and to stop worrying. I just need to do it. Consistently.
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      May 25 2012: well said.

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