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The World would be a better place with one government.

The World right now is struggling--different currencies, new ordeals within countries, and the fear of others is on our minds everyday.

With one government most of this would be abolished--

How is one government not better?

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    May 26 2012: No.
    • May 26 2012: Care to explain your reasoning or defend your position?
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        May 26 2012: First of all I admit I was a little stunned by your question... Why should anyone be asking this kind of question?
        Anyway, since you asked, look at Europe. It's only 17 countries very closed together geographically, very well linked with roads, railways, communications, etc.
        They created a huge bureaucracy in Brussels (European Commission), in Strasbourg (European Parliament) and in Frankfurt (European Central bank), etc. They are spending billions to have that bureaucracy and at the same time all individual countries have kept their own bureaucracies, governments, parliaments, central banks, etc. They even created a single currency that created more problems than solutions as we can see now.
        If this is happening in Europe with 17 countries, you can imagine the whole world with more than 200 different countries, each one with their own currencies, cultures, languages, religions, regional problems, etc…
        I totally agree with free trade agreements but don’t come up with global governments…
        • May 27 2012: "I was a little stunned by your question" - You come to a thread specifically created to facilitate debate on the idea of a global government and are stunned when someone wants to debate the topic with you? Simply saying yes or no doesn't really contribute to the discussion so I encouraged you to contribute more...

          You complain that the EU has to much bureaucracy but then state you totally agree with free trade agreements... I don't think I really understand what your main argument is. Is it simply that a global government would be to bureaucratic?
        • Jun 15 2012: The problem about bureaucracy in Europe, is partly because of a reaction to WW2, isn't it? In any case, it would be entirely possible, and quite desirable , to structure a world government along the lines of the original US. , i.e. plenty of "States Rights" , and a very small, and limited Federal part, mainly used to keep the Peace. Why would that be fearful, or undersirable? It would , of course, be necessary to constanly counter the tendency to let it get out of control, but that is not iimpossible. And think of the benefits! For example, we hear about civiliians being killed and tortured in Syria right now. In a world government of Law, those victims could just dial 911, and have the perpetrators arrested. In fact, if murder were made illegal, Assad would not even attempt it, if he knew he could be arrested .

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