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The World would be a better place with one government.

The World right now is struggling--different currencies, new ordeals within countries, and the fear of others is on our minds everyday.

With one government most of this would be abolished--

How is one government not better?

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  • May 25 2012: Which would be better for us-- Anarchy? or One Government?
    • May 25 2012: Anarchy presumes we can abandon hierarchy's but even when we get rid of governments the person (and he will always exist because no two people are born the same) that can make the best/most of the most valued thing on the planet (whatever it may be) becomes the most popular guy in the world. All of a sudden we have a new hierarchy based not on democratic vote but on who is the best producer. The guy at the top of this hierarchy is just a likely to abuse his position as the guy at the top in any other position. I have never herd anyone explain how anarchy will deal with this hierarchy, I presume it can't.

      Democratic government however is pretty much a proven concept, so we at least know a global government is possible.
    • May 26 2012: I would love to be an anarchist but I cannot find out where they are holding their meetings. :)))

      Anarchy is preferable to one overarching authority.

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