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A patriotism have disadvantages?

What do you think about a patriotism? The patriotism have any disadvantages? What disadvantages? I see only advantages...

  • May 21 2012: Patriotism is a form of nationalism. It is a good thing to help give people a sense of identity and unity. It is a bad thing when it becomes unthinking compliance and hatred for anything that is "other". If there is and "us" then there must be a "them".

    It is a double edged sword to be weilded carefully.
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    May 21 2012: The are no lines on the real globe we stand upon. Those lines- like countries are arbitrary man made distinctions designed to make us think that the people on the other side of the line are"not like me". Phooey!
  • May 21 2012: There is a point where Patriotism is a good thing with many advantages, but if there is too much patriotism, a country can fall apart. Back before World War I, Nationalism (same concept of Patriotism) existed on the Balkan peninsula. Here Nationalism of Serbs started an entire war. Just because of the devotion to be called a Serb. The big disadvantage with the U.S. is in politics. Republicans vs. Democrats. Their sick "devotion" of how they feel the country should be governed could lead us to the split of the country, like the civil war. South vs. North, but this time it would be Reps vs. Dems.
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    May 21 2012: Untill one's patriotism becomes harmful to other's patriotism it's just fine.....