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What do you think the world will be like in the year 3012?

History has taught us to never underestimate the abilities of the human mind. There has been many advancements in science that has cleared up questions about our universe. Advancements that have led to cures of many diseases. Advancements that have helped us cope with severve weather conditions.

People have also made leaps with the way they interact socially. Gays are being supported for marraige. Governments have risen and fallen. And people are still fighting for proper citizen rights.

What future do you see?

Do you think we will find life on other planets?
Do you think there will be changes in our currencies?
How will our ways of transportation change?


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  • May 30 2012: With apologies.

    Earth's atmosphere will have gone the way of Venus', owing to a run-away greenhouse effect. Average temperature is north of 300ÂșC, and pressure well above 70 bar. Some people initially survived in domes, a few more in extra-terrestrial installations, but in a couple hundred years the first faded away and the second, not having yet reached the point where they can live and progress fully autonomously, are quickly following. What follows is fantasy, since there is no one to recount it.

    The climate change was too fast for all but very few organisms to adapt, so life mostly disappeared, except for a few extremophiles which were already adapted to a hot sulfur-rich atmosphere and some fungi which managed to float around in the higher altitudes. Essentially we're back to Achaean. It will take at least another 30m years for photosynthesis to reappear and begin the oxygenation of the atmosphere, and the cycle to start again.
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      May 30 2012: You paint a scary picture, but Venus is like it is because it is much closer to the Sun. The intensity of the Sun on venus is about double that on the Earth. Venus only barely scrapes the inside edge of the "Goldilocks zone". It would have to be a very special planet to support life so close to the sun. If you moved the Earth in to the same orbit the oceans would evaporate. Then CO2 would be the leastof our worries.
    • Jun 1 2012: You're trusting media way too much... There is no such thing as a greenhouse effect...and the climate on earth is never constant. Its always changing. we've had 11 recorded ice-ages and then extremely hot temperatures. Earth is behaving perfectly normal as far as the climates go. Earth is warming a little but that is due to the increased solar activity.
      I have done extensive research on this issue. You can trust what I say. I have official documents proving my claims.
      I'll be more than happy to share it with you but then you have to promise not to go about scaring people about a catastrophe of some sorts.....lol

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