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What do you think the world will be like in the year 3012?

History has taught us to never underestimate the abilities of the human mind. There has been many advancements in science that has cleared up questions about our universe. Advancements that have led to cures of many diseases. Advancements that have helped us cope with severve weather conditions.

People have also made leaps with the way they interact socially. Gays are being supported for marraige. Governments have risen and fallen. And people are still fighting for proper citizen rights.

What future do you see?

Do you think we will find life on other planets?
Do you think there will be changes in our currencies?
How will our ways of transportation change?


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  • May 21 2012: I am usually the optimist, but I want to take a different approach on this considering most everyone has been fairly optimistic.

    I can see the world evolving in to a world void of emotions, feelings, or care as we know it today. With the increase in technology we will discover how to simulate the brain, transfer consciousness, work as a collective, etc. (Sounds Star Trek Borgish now that I think about it). Society will have enough of suffering, the pain that emotion can cause, the inefficiencies that emotions place on us and people will transfer themselves from a biological form to a robotic form to help eliminate emotion. Because efficiency and processing works better in a larger group, individuality will be sacrificed for one large collective in order to process information faster to satisfy the human desire for knowledge and eventually all of humanity will be one large unit of thought that works through robotic means to accomplish its desires.

    Could this happen? Potentially. Just something to think about.

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