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Love is not the strongest emotional force within a person......

Disclaimer: I am writing in a conversational tone, so please bear with me.

As I was standing in my shower earlier, all of a sudden I came to the realization that selfless, kind acts positively impacts the environment of an individual. I instantly felt light-headed. I couldn't standup any longer, so I sat on the tub, though that wasn't the only epiphany that I had at that second.

The weird part was that when I realized the power of selflessness, this lead me to the realization that I just had an epiphany. So, as silly as that sounds, I had an epiphany about having an epiphany.

I began to contemplate the chemical changes, even though I didn't fully understand these chemical changes, in my mind when I had the epiphany 'that selfless kind acts positively impacts the environment of an individual', I then realized that the instant that I had this strong epiphany, which has never happened before, but this is the part that caused me have another epiphany.

If I could have measured my mind the instant that these chemical changes occurred when I had an epiphany, then I bet that they would have been really intense. I think back to the epic fairytale love story I had just watched before my shower, and this lead me to realize that love and selflessness together is a "powerful magic".

This brought me to a strong conclusion that my epiphanies accumulated together felt like a supernova just went off in my mind! This led me to the conclusion that the Power of Epiphanies is the strongest emotional force within an individual human being. Epiphanies, more addictive than Love, but heals your heart faster than Selfless Acts.

Multiple epiphanies truly felt better than anything I have ever felt before within my body. This is what sets us apart from others species on Earth; it is the ability for multiple epiphanies at an instant, which sets us apart. Epiphanies is also known by others as insight.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. Hope to read yours. =)


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    May 30 2012: *New addition to my ongoing idea*

    Hello Fellow Tedsters,

    I was considering different positions; I was thinking that I want to mention that the drive for understanding is our strongest emotional force within a person and empiphanies or insight is just an outcome of this strong desire. This internal force is the force which drives us to love and fear and hate, etc. I believe that love is the strongest emotion though, but not the strongest internal force that drives us to reach these plateaus of emotions.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts and to those that have left thoughful comments below.
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      May 30 2012: Hey derek,
      I want to say Ive been hurt and that has been my biggest drive to understanding. but also my faith in something more my greatest inspiration! jst continuing to look into your conversation. I have recieved some lovely feed back from my comments thankyou for you intrigue.
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        May 31 2012: It is a path that each of us want to understand through dialogue. I am glad to have been able to help you. =)

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