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Are the arts (music, dance, visual art, etc.) as important to teach in public schools as mathematics and sciences?

As a senior in high school and a passionate musician, I have been thinking a lot recently about the future. My future after graduation, my future with my loved ones, my friends' futures. Most of all, however, I've been thinking about society's future. In school, I am taught that math and science will get me to college, and college will get me a good job. That is all well and good... for the students who excel in math and science. I am an artist, and I think schools should build on that strength, instead of trying to fit the suqare peg of analytic classes into the round hole of my creative heart. I am very interested to hear both sides of this argument, though, as my side is not necessarily the correct side to take (if a "correct side" exists at all). I want some opinions. Should the arts be pushed more? Mathematics and sciences pushed less? Is education okay where is now?


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    May 21 2012: I think that art programs in schools should be made more available, not pushed more. What would happen to those who do excel in math and science? It would be a pity to waste their knowledge in the arts, just like it is a pity to waste your creativity in the sciences.
    I am not sure how most high schools operate, but the one I attended allowed me to pick my elective courses and this was amazing. I was able to pursue whichever area attracted me the most and wasn't confined to a specific course as long as I had the basics covered (math, science, history, literature, etc). Also, it was fundamental for all students to graduate with a certain number of credits in all of these areas, including art.
    This method opened the possibilities for students to pursue their interests while still making them explore all of the options. While I might not have enjoyed taking math courses, I at least knew why I did not like this.

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