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What are you doing ? how can i help?

(just join) Everything is happening in TED new ideas are coming together world movements are been started.. so i want to know what your doing ? what everyone is actually doing , i join TED because i wanted to do, not to have another "facebook" account full of intelligent people.. maybe im been inpatient and should dig around the site more but i figure i ask straight on to the peopel that have been part of this community for long short or just join .. have you been writing great ideas and supporting others behind you computer? have you been typing your way to change??? or have you been calling contacting getting the word out gathering people for your cause? have you been on the street protesting have you been to africa gotten in contact with others in your area and gotten things ready? or do you just send a check or have you done nothing at all?...

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impatience thats what i wanna preach and scream at the top of my lungs till i cant speak and then scream some more...yes i will help all of you to the best of my ability!! when they ask me about TED.COM i wont say its just another social site, because what is sayd here matters ... i will start at the very top and work my way down..i will connect with all of you if your willing to connect with me . thank you for all your answers! and your points of view... but i know some of you that have read my question and read the response didnt write nothing because maybe you havent done nothing maybe work is hard or theres no time or you got plenty of time but are nervouse or dont know where to start.. start here . cause all of us have start it from no where. send me a message.

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    May 20 2012: Thank you for posting your question Tyler Durden.

    I just recently posted on another TedConversation about what I am doing (you can see my post at http://www.ted.com/conversations/11518/tedxsdsu_what_have_you_disco.html), but I also wanted to share my work with you here.

    In summary, I developed a website called www.thanknest.com which is free to use and is all about spreading thanks across the world. I wanted to showcase the good actions of everyday people, where they could be appreciated, and they could then go on to spread thanks of their own.

    What I have discovered since going public, is that people who are appreciated on thanknest with a sincere & specific thanks feel compelled to connect with the person who is thanking them, in real life. They say things like "let's get together", "let's catch up", & "let's get coffee". This is because people want to spend more time, and in particular more of their real life time, with people who truly value them. I believe it creates a web of connectedness between people, giving people the opportunity to form more meaningful bonds with others.

    This is what I am doing to spread something positive with the world.

    Dr Linda Hamilton
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      May 20 2012: Linda, what an excellent idea. Your idea challenges the materially focused and spiritually starved to record the heartfelt meaning in human goodness. Thank YOU for thinking of this. I look forward to exploring the site further.
  • May 21 2012: Sir i am doing electrical engineering. i am always thinking about the renewable sources to produce electrical energy. recently i am thinking about producing energy from carbon dioxide. can you help me out of this.
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    May 21 2012: Great to finally see other people with impatience! :D I am currently working on exams, but on the sideline working with a Danish school project (voluntary) where we get in contact with professors and work with our own ideas and try to get forward in science.

    Personally I'm teamed up with scientists working with Type II Super Conductivity and trying to setup a hypothesis as to how Super Conductors function and why, with the goal of making them function at the highest possible temperature for public usage. I believe this is a step in technology that must be taken in order for the next revolutionizing technology to be invented. :)

    ¡And also! I wanna say if any of you are doing projects where you could use some help of any kind; creating websites of your own ideas (not that I can create one, but I could help thinking of design or anything), wanting to discuss ideas you have been thinking about or looking for inspiration I'm up for participating! :)
  • May 21 2012: great to see your impatience.
    I think that is a very good sign and I wish more people would become very impatient, demand and thus, take more action in their lives individually and collectively.

    Of course one way to do this and see immediate results is to simply stop buying certain products, and there are many to choose from. For instance, any kinds of sporting goods, apparel and that sort of thing would have an immediate effect upon the billions of dollars that sports business, activities and the wealthy athletes, who benefit financially in ways that are completely out of proportion to the rest of the working class, or us, the 99 cents (%).

    Getting their attention as a group and then demanding they too take action to help others and force their slave masters to likewise respond would not only carry a very good message but would also show the 99 cents they have much more power than they know, even though they already know, they don't really act on it or use it.

    I have written two screenplays I wish to get out there, several books, and performances I wish to present or make known,and am just struggling along to get this done.

    I have also removed myself about as far as I can at this time to be off of or out of the monetary system in regards to how much I depend upon it and I try to educate those I come into contact with every chance I get to become more aware, more knowledgeable, to seek to find out what they can do to contribute. In short, to think different. Many don't see a problem nor do most want to even think about it and that comes from the brainwashing that leads many into a false sense of powerlessness.
    Just trying to help them think/break out of that is a chore in and of itself.

    I am poor so it is harder and for me, things take longer to get into action and to sustain that action, but none of it will really affect me as it will those much younger than I and that is whom I attempt to reach. Most are just caught in the revolving slave wheel of survival.
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    May 20 2012: I am getting very fired-up by TED-Ed and preparing to launch awareness and use of it in my school. TED and TED-Ed will provide a world-class resource to inspire our young people to understand, think about and get involved in things that matter.
    • May 21 2012: we entering a new age of evolution,,,the www...there has never been som much acces to info...i
  • May 20 2012: what am i doing???when i think about it i guess its safe to assume by now that im not always sure...all i know is that there is much i want to discuss...id like to know where i can begin,,,or how i can begin..ld like valid critisicm,if i make any assumtions that lack foundation,if i say anything that you know is wrong,then please correct me before i get further off track...i can understand much better than i can express in words,,,i believe i have an unusuall perspective,because,it was self taught,,,and to this date self verified..but dont let that scare you,the only reason im here today,is because,i spent years being surprised as more pieces would come together,,id see more parallels,often i find i have a question better suited to your answer..maybe you have a better question for me,,id like to know if you find me,enjoyable,insightful,am i being relevant,unclear,or just ignorant..if im wrong correct me,,if i didnt care about correct,,,why would i ask the experts???can tell you something you dont know,,,i absolutely love productive discussion,until recently all ive done is driven friends and family crazy,,,try telling a concreter why you believe time cannot begin or why,shroedingers cat,sheds light on the big bang,,,even worse try talking about it everyday,,to anyone that makes the mistake,of being polite,,.but ive been contemplating time,and fundamental laws,along with what i believe to be an adequate understand of the branches of physics,and related sciences..and all reasoned through in depth logical analysis,,,and compared with what is accepted as scientific evidence,by the academic society.i find many commons,,,so far it while i can be overcome with doubt,,i am yet to be discouraged..because the more i hear,the clearer the language,,,i may find that my understanding is insufficient,,maybe i have a strong base,but nothing is supported...maybe being isolated means what i offer is insignificant,,or is singularity the only relevant,,anyway how about you?...
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    May 25 2012: Hi Tyler,
    Ever since I made an account in TED and participated in TED conversation.I now feel there is more meaning to my life. So my answer to your question is : "What you doing?...Confused?? Make a Ted account ... and know the difference"

    I am a techie by profession and musician and clinical psychologist (counsellor) by passion and participating in such conversations is only going to make our lives better .

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    May 21 2012: I am trying to recover from two hemmoragic bleeds in my brain which resulted from a surgery to remove a tumor (benign) from my spine. Apparently I am one of maybe three people who have ever survived a bleeed in the brain stem. I am seeking literature which can show me the way to maximize my efforts. Can you help?
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      May 21 2012: Hi Debra, Have you been reading E M Hemingway's fiction like Fiesta, Snows of Kilimanjaro, Old man & the sea, For who he bell tolls etc. He was a truly happy, successful & inspiring person. You are a Hemingway Hero, happy, brave & a winner.
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        May 21 2012: Thank you Gurinder! I was introduced to Hemmingway in an American lit course. He is my eldest son's favourite author but I seldom read him for his 'voice' is alien to me. Thanks for the compliments- I am fighting to regain my own life.
    • May 22 2012: unfortunately i dont have any book suggestions,some books mind you would only make it worse,,,i would like to say though start with the mind...an old karate instructor of mine,had brain cancer,,,he went on a 3 month meditation,and conditioning break...obviously no one is better qualified than your doctor,,but the mind when focused is a very powerfull tool...also comedy,humour,..ive been through some hard hard hard times,,,at times i felt hell woul;d be a step up...and two things helped me,,,one is a laugh,,try finding at least one a day,,,the second thing,,find what you would love to know and learn about it...its a great way take your mind off it,,even if briefly,,
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    May 20 2012: see: www.tribunocracy.org