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Should we "teach the controversy"?

By "teach the controversy", I mean the Christian attempt to bypass the scientific method in order to teach religion in science class.


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    May 24 2012: Christianity makes statements about reality doesnt it? if those statements are considtent with reality objectively, then its claims are credible. information science is found in the bible, quantum physics, even the fact that our universe is finite! the idea that the earth is hinged upon nothing, or the idea that the essence of "being is a nothingness." a jewish rabbi was able to extrapolate a 10 dimensional universe from a reading of Genesis. a four dimensional (directly observable) reality is found in Ephesians... the list could go on... Even the bible itself call the dilligent student to objectively verify its truths!

    The reason, at least as far as i am concerned is that most people comment on christianity without a grounded understanding of it. as an individual, do your homework first, a superficial understanding is not good enough. ummm, not good enough for everyone... i jus think its bad science plain simple! :)
    • May 24 2012: All of that is horoscope-style reading. It is putting meanings into the bible that are not there. Eisegesis. Reading the newspaper horoscopes is as much science as reading the bible for interpreting 10 dimensions and four dimensions. Curious that every claim for science in the bible takes passages out of context, and that if you read the context you would have a very hard time convincing anybody of the science in the cherry-picked one. More interesting that you say that the bible says that the earth hangs on nothing, but you forget that it also says that the earth is firm and on top of foundations. If the bible is such a deep book filled with knowledge, what's the proper interpretation of all those laws commanding to stone people for such things as being homosexual, or not a virgin? Why would some all-powerful and good god hide deep meaning under something that would surely be "misinterpreted" and get so many people stoned to death as it has? Is this god just incompetent?

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