Vinay Chaturvedi

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fiber optic communication increased by 127 times.

I am planning to break white light into 7 colors for seperate detection at the receiver side and transmitting the 7 packet on/off beams of VIBGYOR package through the same fiber optic channel.
Thus 7 bits can be transferred and detected instead of 1 by white light.!!
As we know white light is made up of 7 colors which can be found by passing white light through Fresnel’s biprism. I have used this phenomenon to propose a modem that can transmit 127 times faster data than current modems (fiber optic). The transmitter and receiver are explained below :
Transmitter : On the transmitter side data from transmitters of 7 different modems is taken. Then filters are applied as follows.
On the first transmitter data line Indigo,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange,Red filters are applied. (except Violet). So what we get is white light – IBGYOR = Violet ray.
On the second transmitter data line Violet,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange, Red filters are applied. (except Indigo). So what we get is white light-VBGYOR = Indigo ray.and so on till the seventh transmitter data line..........
So after so many applies what we get is a pattern of 7 rays either on or off according as individuals white light are on on all 7 modems.
This pattern is transmitted to a convex lens so that they become one packet of light. This packet is then transmitted across a fiber optic cable as white light is transmitted. So what we transmit is 7 times the data we transmitted before.
(Thus 2 to the power 7) – 1 times faster fiber optic connectivity.
Receiver : On the receiver side refractive materials are used that can refract the light individually and let others rays pass throught it are used(all in count 7) . The first matrial bends Violet ray and let other rays pass.The second material bends Indigo ray and let other rays pass.Like that. The rays are detected that way. (after bending) and what we get is a pattern of 7 rays detected to be each either on or off.that is 127 times faster fiber optic.