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Obesity, chemical and biological not just consumption and lack of exercise?

Obesity is rampant in 6-month-old kids, every animal in touch with human cities including rats, zoo etc. How can a six month old be morbidly obese unless a strong endocrine disruption is occurring? Chemicals in agriculture are certainly suspect as are new viruses. But why would it be a virus unless the immune system is unbalanced?

People over ate decades ago and no one saw a 400-1000 pound person except in a circus.


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    Josh S

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    May 19 2012: If the topic is about why new-borns are sometimes morbidly obese then, quite simply, it's because they eat a lot of 'junky' food. Of course, this is in the form of high-calorie drinks or extra calories in their diet. Very very rarely are hormonal balances the cause of obesity. Instead of trying to move the blame from parents to 'obesity causing viruses' or 'unbalanced immune systems' why cant the parents just take the blame.

    Of course, family history can play a part in obesity, but not nearly as much a culprit as the parents.

    If the infant eats the right amount of the right food they will not be obese 99% of the time. People need to stop blaming hormones and other stuff for the problem they caused.

    Today's society ALLOWS people to be 400-1000 pounds. It's possible to live at home, working at home, ordering food deliveries at home, using online stores at home. That's probably the biggest reason there are 400-1000 pound people.
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      Jun 13 2012: Hello- six month olds do not eat junk food or too much formula. How about not being lead to believe the obvious.

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