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Obesity, chemical and biological not just consumption and lack of exercise?

Obesity is rampant in 6-month-old kids, every animal in touch with human cities including rats, zoo etc. How can a six month old be morbidly obese unless a strong endocrine disruption is occurring? Chemicals in agriculture are certainly suspect as are new viruses. But why would it be a virus unless the immune system is unbalanced?

People over ate decades ago and no one saw a 400-1000 pound person except in a circus.


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    May 19 2012: There has been some great research showing that the traditional focus on calorie surplus/deficit is flawed because not all calories are equal in their impact on the human body. Part of the biological malfunction that occurs has to do with the way refined sugars screw up our insulin regulation system. Once that first domino tips, it goes from there.

    The research pointed out that even during the Depression, among people who weren't getting a huge surplus of calories, there was still obesity. The financial empire of complicated diets and exercise, however, don't want us to see how little our fats-to-protein index or our exercise regimens have to do with it compared to the biochemistry of refined sugars and value-subtracted grains.
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      Jun 13 2012: Can not argue with that but in my mind that is what they want us to believe because that is all we hear about. Let's go outside the box.

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