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Obesity, chemical and biological not just consumption and lack of exercise?

Obesity is rampant in 6-month-old kids, every animal in touch with human cities including rats, zoo etc. How can a six month old be morbidly obese unless a strong endocrine disruption is occurring? Chemicals in agriculture are certainly suspect as are new viruses. But why would it be a virus unless the immune system is unbalanced?

People over ate decades ago and no one saw a 400-1000 pound person except in a circus.


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    May 20 2012: Ya I believe a lot of combinational factors are responsible for this wide spread of obesity in the world ..About 1 billion people are in the condition of obesity..The main responsible for the obesity is lack of exercises...not the present generation but the past generation of the victims who are being encountered by the obesity today...The reason is the past generations didn't trained their children to live in a natural way for which their work is done by machines.So the present generations did not have enough about these things and they also fail to teach to the next generations..As the more and more invention of home purpose machines made every generation their work easier and easier...They started to be lazy little...This factor increases step by step slowly in many generations.The humans didn't felt this thing before it become a great problem like this...Hence one day we found a reason for the obesity is also because of genes...I'm believing this could be the reason for some persons who suffers obesity due to genital reasons..In other hand there some persons still who don't have any genital problems but still suffers a from obesity,It may be due to their soft type of work....But the solution for the two type of cases can be solved by two things...
    2. determination in heart that I can be better always....
    If these two things are done well then the other factors which doctors say like Hypertension,Smoking,Alcohol drinking,etc ..can throne away by us...and lead a weighless life

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