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Should Euthanasia be legalized in every Country?

Euthanasia(or Mercy Killing) refers to ending one's life in a manner which relieves pain and sufferings. But if a person is in a vegetative state from past many years, then who will decide whether the person is in a great pain and deserves to die with dignity ..
If the person himself is aware of his/her surroundings and appeal for euthanasia, this is entirely a different matter as compared with the situation in which someone else(friend/relative) file the petition for euthanasia.
Keeping both things in mind, and considering all the possibilities, what can we say, "Should Euthanasia Be legalized in every country ?"


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    Mar 13 2011: Euthanasia should be legal, if the person had a chance to not feel pain one day and still wanted to die for whatever reason that is still their choice and it should be respected. However what is touche in this topic is religion. IF you are feeling pain and can kill yourself do not ask others to do it, that is too big of a burden. Why ask someone who wants to continue living to do something that could possibly be on their mind for a long time.

    People have a right to do whatever they want with their body and this should be universal.
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      Mar 13 2011: Plus, religion tells us that killing an suicide are great sins, thus making it impossible for people of many faiths to mindfully do this, without (in their minds) suffering great consequences..
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      Mar 16 2011: Though I agree with the basic principle of individual choice we still have to keep in mind that our lives are interconnected. All choices have a social impact and that impact is greater now more than ever before. So I would still disagree that suicide in general is acceptable. I still find that ultimately selfish.

      So though I think euthanasia should be an available option, I don't agree that people simply have a right to do what they wish even if it is their own body. We have to be mindful of the impact of our actions on others.
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        Mar 16 2011: indeed suicide is selfish but if you are able to kill yourself for any reason (outside of unbearable pain) in my opinion you are weak minded and would probably not be a productive member of society anyways.

        If a person who wanted to die didn't they would be continuously unhappy until they did. This is why I feel education is so poor in the world. With the right teachings and understandings their is no need to feel upset eternally. Indeed with enlightenment you will always find something else to have a reason for getting up in the morning.

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