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Should Euthanasia be legalized in every Country?

Euthanasia(or Mercy Killing) refers to ending one's life in a manner which relieves pain and sufferings. But if a person is in a vegetative state from past many years, then who will decide whether the person is in a great pain and deserves to die with dignity ..
If the person himself is aware of his/her surroundings and appeal for euthanasia, this is entirely a different matter as compared with the situation in which someone else(friend/relative) file the petition for euthanasia.
Keeping both things in mind, and considering all the possibilities, what can we say, "Should Euthanasia Be legalized in every country ?"


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  • Mar 14 2011: I would say no.

    Anyone who has got to the state of wishing their life to end must have a really bad life. They're probably suffering from some kind of depression, diagnosed or otherwise, meaning that they're not really in their right mind. People who have a death wish should be counseled and helped by other people. Thus they can recover from this ill state of mind and live a good life. I know a lot of people who are in great pain, yet cope with it and live a great life. So I would still say that suicide/euthanasia should be illegal.
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      Mar 14 2011: I find this argument typically very narrow. It is assuming that all levels of chronic pain, whether psychological or physical, can be remedied and all will be well. Unfortunately there are many conditions which are beyond repair with the mind fully intact and fully reasonable. For these situations it just becomes forced suffering for the person in pain.

      Sometimes even when the person suffering has social support they would still wish to die because they are a burden on the people supporting them as well as the system at large. Elderly patients who know they will die from a terminal illness will only burden their family, burden the healthcare system, and place unnecessary suffering on themselves for no reason. Not providing the option of euthanasia is simply placing stress on everyone involved with no benefit to anyone and incurring extra costs for everyone.

      Would it not be better to allow this patient to end his/her suffering through their own choice, allow them to have a proper goodbye with their family, and place less stress on the system all at the same time? Or would you rather the person suffer, surprise their entire family with their sudden and painful death, incur extra costs for hospital stay, plus waste time in a hospital bed that someone else would have had better use for?
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        Mar 14 2011: Jacky, you present an argument that i fear will prevail in the future, not because its the most right or just but because it is finanically the most efficient. People should not surrender their lives because it is convenient for others or cost effective. While I am in favour of people having the right under the law to end intolerable suffering, I am not in favour of anyone persuading or guliting some elderly or ill person into a cost efficient early death. Whether one is religious or one is not- life is a unique and sacred manifestation in this universe. An indiviudal life is one unique and very special adventure and its termination should never be a convenience for others.
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          Mar 16 2011: I don't mean for it to be a cold calculated assessment of monetary value or even of time, but euthanasia should be an available option. Just like the equally controversial topic of abortions having the option is better than not having it and facing the horrible alternatives. Self operated and underground abortions caused just as much, if not more, death than having professional clinics.

          Having the choice of assisted suicide would provide those with chronic insufferable conditions an option, a choice. Any choice that deals so closely with death is never an easy one. Whether it concerns the life of a fetus or of a life at the end of its line the choice will be difficult to make, but it is better to have a choice than not.
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      Mar 15 2011: I started this conversation after Ms. Aruna Shaunbaug Euthanasia petition was dismissed. You should see what happened to her, and what's her condition now....visit http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1760851673630&oid=131126963612592 and watch her short video created by me.

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