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Should Euthanasia be legalized in every Country?

Euthanasia(or Mercy Killing) refers to ending one's life in a manner which relieves pain and sufferings. But if a person is in a vegetative state from past many years, then who will decide whether the person is in a great pain and deserves to die with dignity ..
If the person himself is aware of his/her surroundings and appeal for euthanasia, this is entirely a different matter as compared with the situation in which someone else(friend/relative) file the petition for euthanasia.
Keeping both things in mind, and considering all the possibilities, what can we say, "Should Euthanasia Be legalized in every country ?"


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  • Mar 12 2011: I personally believe that euthanasia is a moral obligation. I would of course then like to say it should be legalized in every country. However, a common mistake of human nature is no matter how right or wrong something seems to one's own culture and way of thinking it is something entirely different for another culture and way of thinking. This dose not make the other person right or wrong. For a person in another country, their definition of great pain or dignity may be something completely different. For instance, it could be a matter of honor and not physical pain. It could also be mental pain instead of physical pain.

    Before we go anywhere near launching this idea and influencing its legalization on all nations, we must first be able to respect and understand their culture, perception of life and death, and way of thinking. This is critical because you absolutely cannot impose your own ideas no matter how right them seem upon another culture and expect things to work or go smoothly.

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