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What working techniques do you know of, which allow access to the informational field? (no theories please)

A year ago I went to Nepal, where I met some Buddhist Lamas, who had access to the certain information, which was impossible to have access to.

One of the examples:

One of our paragliders got lost in Himalayan mountains and when Search and Rescue teams abandoned their efforts, and we lost all of our hopes after a week of grueling work, I met this lama, who told us where to look for our pilot. And we found our men. Our pilot didn't meet anyone on the way, while he was going down the mountains, for several days.

When I asked Lama regarding the source of information, he basically replied next: "All I need to do is to calm down. When i calmed down, I knew what I needed to know. This "calm" state is sort of what you call meditation. When I'm there, I have access to everything."

So, question: what real techniques do you know of, which in real life, helped you to develop your intuition / give you an access to the informational field surrounding us?

  • May 18 2012: Mainly repeatedly having the courage to trust my intuition and observe the results.....repeatedly. The more you use it, the more accurate it becomes. Trust yourself. Being in a positive frame of mind helps.
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      May 19 2012: Rhona, this is duplicated under "Questions" where there are more responses. Admin. usually does not allow duplicate posts.
      • May 19 2012: Thanks, edward long. Happy Today.
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      May 22 2012: Wouldn't "positive state" represent only one part of the world? I think we need to be in balance. Not positive, nor negative.
      • May 23 2012: You say, "Wouldn't "positive state" represent only one part of the world?"
        I said, "Being in a positive frame of mind helps."

        I was thinking that, when one is in a positive frame of mind, one is more likely to be relaxed and open to receive the ....(not sure of correct word for here)......impulses of information coming at you, whatever those bits of information are.
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          May 24 2012: And staying in positive frame - to me is not a balance. I'm not sure if i could adequately process the information staying in the positive fame. Let's change "positive" to "in harmony" frame of mind.
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          May 24 2012: Rhona and Tim...good ideas evolving:>)
          What if we do not label the "frame of mind" either positive or negative? What if we simply call it a "frame"? Like the "frame" of a video Tim, which can keep changing?
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        May 24 2012: Too much thinking....
        • May 24 2012: I agree, pat gilbert. I'm feeling some brain strain interacting with all these smart and positive-willed people. I'm thinkin' I should save some of my beautiful brain for some of the other ted.com conversations or other places and people in my life or for future time periods. I'm thinkin' that, when I am 185 years of age, sitting in a beautiful white, soft, hundred percent cotton and rosewood chair in a wonderful climate zone overflowing with exquisite vegetation and fun and fabulous people, I may be wanting some of this precious brain matter I may be currently very well spending friviously here on this one conversation stream with you wonderful, precise peers. I acknowledge my wonderfulness. I acknowledge my equality, in all pertinent categories of our precious beings. Happy Today,
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    May 19 2012: The fallacy is that people think they can't do more than they can.

    As the Monk said it all starts with being able to be here and now if you have a lot of things going through your head it ain't going to happen. It is quite possible.
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      May 22 2012: I can stop my mind at will, and be in this state for as long as i wish to. My intuition is there for me, but it works like a hit or miss still, sometimes.

      What i'm looking for is a guidance system in the world inside me. What answers / feelings that come to me represent a hit and what represent a miss. I'm sure that this internal guidance system / map is the same for all of us.
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        May 22 2012: Buddhist Monks practice for years to attain the state of Bodhi. It is an ability that is acquired with practice. I'm like you it is hit and miss, but what he did is obviously true and I can verify it can be done from empirical knowledge.
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          May 22 2012: If we could find other systems besides the Buddhists meditation, then we could analyse common patterns and establish something next.
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        May 24 2012: Some things to consider as guidance for understanding.

        Your spirit has to roam freely. To reach that state the body has to be occupied to the limit.
        Execution of a complicated task with full mastery can do the job.
        Full concentration is needed up to the moment we detach from the body that in the while goes on with the task like a machine while another visual window opens just above the usual one. From that second vision you can be at any place and/or at any time past.

        Some forms of meditation can stress the body up to that point but classical Indian dance could also be a method or fabricating something impossible that can only be done without failure. Juggling can be a start too to discipline all concentration. (Martial arts)

        The same thing can happen sometimes under life threatening situations that can also be cultivated like jumping of heights tied to fixed ropes to survive or swimming in freezing water. This only gives moments of detachment but leaves the idea behind. People tried to nearly poison the body and all things thinkable to detach from the body and keep the experience.

        I guess that a 100.000 years ago this was a natural state caused by constant alertness and regular anxiety to stay alive. Often the body was tormented by cold or bruises or raged by threats and challenges. Now we better relax and use our mind to create technology to feel safe and by doing it extinct all life from the planet or move on to ever new experiences.