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Propose a scenario in the hope to find the best movie producer who would illustrate in the form of a satirical dramatical COMEDY today'world

What better way to educate positively, in the hope to bring solutions that would stimutate changes. I wrote "Reconstruction historique pour re orienter l'humanite" I tried to adress it to two intelligent producers but it is dificult to reach those busy people. Yet it is worth trying since other way have apparently failed. A second movie could illustrate the process of documenting the valuable infos that will serve to rebuilt sustainable agriculture and living. A third movie would show how it is applied. In the last 20 years I have documented and rebuilt a very efficient, easy, economical Agro Reforestation technique accessible to anyone. These applications should be used to provide alternatives but I did not have the support to make movies from it.
Humor can be used very efficiently to carry the absurd of how all this happened. The how and the why this world ended up destroying its own life support. This is a very serious matter and such a movie could with the help of satire and humor, educate by showing that we dont have to keep imitating errors of the past. Coluche the great humorist and comedian demonstrated that an actor can win the presidential (exept that he didn't go all the way for several reasons) if he persist and if everyone dont stop him from revealing the reality of politic and dramatic art....I can imagine those comedian 200 years ago with their pompous attires attracting their followers into subtles traps.
I beleive the best way to bring the much needed changes is to make significant, meanigfull audio visual documents that people will appreciate.
Other scenarios may serve the purpose. In this one I tried to guess as best as I could what might have happened. This is the result of years of research in french litterature.
http://www.facebook.com/notes/mario-lagace/reconstitution-historique-pour-r%C3%A9-orienter-lhumanit%C3%A9/368719269828194 in french
Until we understand better what happened it is hard to admit in order to change something.


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    May 18 2012: A city is under siege; surrounded by an army known for its cruelty and destructive capacity. Citizens of this besieged city also realized that the invading army has sneaked time bombs into the city and have fixed it in strategic locations. However the leaders of the city thinks the threats could be overcome by flowery language and oratory prowess. So they gather citizens in halls, under the trees and in open air spaces. They keep talking as if the enemies have forever to wait, and as if the time bombs are mere toys.
    • May 18 2012: It may be how it is today but how did it happen 200 years ago ! How did they get the people to follow absurd principles that lead to the environmental catastrophy we are seeing on the video from Jonathan Foley ! There are multiple facts that could be gathered from existing documents, that is where I got my sources to be able to say what I said about all this. The fictional part is only to round the corners and to serve the pedagogic purpose since it happened 200+ years ago, but this is not an invention or a fiction it is a matter of causes and effects just logical deductions as positive means will gives positive results and negative theories can only give negative results. It is not because we had not noticed it for hundreds of years that it is normal or positive... Reference http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=152041048162685

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