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need advice on sustainable NGO's in kenya & Tanzania worth donating to while I'm there.

Hi there,

I am heading to Kenya and Tanzania in June for a short 3 week trip. I would have liked to have stayed longer and participated in at least a week volunteer project, but unfortunately time will not permit me. At best I'm looking to visit a village/organization/site in need, while I'm there to educate myself for a day or two, and put some money towards a really good initiative.

I'm a little overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet and could use some direction to a good NGO that might let me hang out for a day and could use some money or whatever else I could bring over.

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    May 18 2012: Have a look for Heifer International - they work by gifting poor families with farm animals. The first offspring of the animal is then passed on to another family. The animals provide families with food, and an income that can provide an education for their children.
    I did some work for them in Uganda some years ago. The communities benefiting from the animals there struck me as not being too different from poor parts of Ireland fifty years ago. Here development in agriculture, with increased spending in education have transformed the standard of living in the country.
    Providing people with the means to support themselves will, I am sure, help transform these poor parts of Africa.
    Enjoy your journey - Safari njema!
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    May 19 2012: This is fantastic, thank you so much. My concern has always been where I should put the money I've saved up for various charities/organization. Although it's not a huge sum of money, I want to know that it's being well utilized. Now that I've taken a step back from working so many hours, I want to spend more time doing my homework on organizations like these in the developing worlds. Thanks again Seamus!