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What do you strongly believe that very few other people also believe?

This is an interesting question because it forces you to evaluate all your beliefs; not just the ones that you're happy to admit to.

My personal belief is that alcohol is a drug that should be controlled in the same way as tobacco and illegal substances. Not many people I've met so far in life agree with me on that one!

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    May 18 2012: Running shoes are a scam.
    Black Swan sucked.
    The savanah explanation for bipedism is weak.
    Overpopulation was a bigger issue 100,000 years ago.
    Religions should be illegal.
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    May 18 2012: Jesus is God Almighty. Few on TED believe it, but I guess worldwide we don't do too bad.

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    May 18 2012: There is no afterlife.
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    May 17 2012: That cannabis and mdma should be legalised.

    That highly processed foods and caffeinated drinks should be classed as a controlled drugs too.
  • May 17 2012: Mine is I think anyone over 65 should have to take a yearly driving test!
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    May 18 2012: I believe that life is all about love. Love your God, love your family,be considerate and kind to people; then your life can be called a life well lived.
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    May 18 2012: Living as if there is no God is Man's greatest problem.
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    May 18 2012: That science is everything, except for everything else.