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Can we divide people in two category i.e intellectual and non-intellectual?? and if we can on what basis are we dividing??

this question arises as people often categorize there counterparts into intellectual or non intellectual and i cant find out on what basis.
since every person has their own prophecy but still what can be the common factors that make people do so??


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    May 18 2012: Yes we can do this as long as for temporary. We may have prejudice, make clasification to our humanity for social relation, but it should be for temporary and situational. It helps us to rethink and reposition. But when we do clasification on this case of humanity permanently, then we will lose our sight from another possible sides that might be coming as we run development of ourselves in the future.

    It can be done, but wait for the next release, and accept for an update.

    Less or more ...
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      May 18 2012: Bernard,
      Very good explanation and i just agree with what you have said.
      we cant judge a person permanently since perspective changes as time passes by!!
      So Waiting is the apparent choice!!

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