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How long between posting to YouTube and having access to TED-Ed to flip a new video?

It seems my videos I post to YouTube are not quickly available to be flipped. Some times it takes a few minutes to show up and others it's a much longer amount of time. Is there any sense of why/how long a video takes to show up on a Ed Ted search after a video is posted to YouTube?

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    May 17 2012: Hi Josh,

    That's really odd. The first thing I would check is to see if the video is done processing on YouTube's side. Assuming it is, if you're searching by title/keyword, it may take a while for YouTube to update their search results which is why the video may not show up immediately.

    One question for you is, have you tried searching for the video using the video's url? We've found that, if someone is looking to flip a specific video, it's usually easier to paste that video's full YouTube url into the search field than the title or keywords (the video normally gets returned as the only search result). Hopefully searching by the video's url will reduce the delay you're experiencing.

    Good luck (and keep us posted)!