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Can we extract intelligence from hackers/smugglers in a peaceful manner so that our society is more safer?

Globally we have captured a lot of smugglers and hackers and punished them accordingly unfortunately the crime rates have only increased .
My question to the TED folks is without using a second degree treatment , instead a psychological approach via counselling,make them extract valuable information about the goods which are smuggled or how valuable data is hacked ,We can do wonders for the society .
Mind you , smugglers/hackers have a lot of commitment towards the work they do and as a result of that they have outsmarted the law and eventually they are the people who have had the last laugh even at court rooms as they hire the smartest lawyers..
So this is an open question as to how we can extract their intelligence information and make this society more safer and better ?
Since harassing them in Jail only makes them only more aggressive and harmful to the society ...

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    Josh S

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    May 19 2012: Well i know that the US government employs people with hacking skills in order to catch hackers at their own game. This is kind of what you are asking, using their own intelligence against themselves.

    But if you are inferring using a specific hacker, turning him around, and trying to use him beneficially, i think thats a matter for psychologists and what not. You could probably offer asylum, or money, or jobs, or security to do this.
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      May 21 2012: Well Josh,that is what exactly the kind of opinion I was looking for.. but is that really happening around? that is a big question...
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    R H

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    May 18 2012: How do you 'extract' intelligence or anything else within a person's psyche if they're unwilling to release it? Drugs, sleep deprivation, jail, torture? Like you, I see prison as ineffective for reformation. The other methods are deemed inhuman. Maybe the question is why do people become hackers and smugglers?
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      May 18 2012: RH ,
      here is my possible answers to your really good questions
      1. why do people become hackers and smugglers?
      A.Mainly it is their upbringing , they might have been very talented but raised in a very poor family background so they are more vulnerable to mafias
      2.How to extract intellingence from them
      A.By providing them care, doing a narco analysis , where a person will start confessing without his knowledge
      3.I too agree that Jail is not right place for them as thats where they start building criminal contacts and never given a chance to reform ,instead made to become more aggressive to the society . We are eventually making them more cruel by sending them to jail
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        R H

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        May 18 2012: Thanks, Bharath for responding. I think you are exactly right. People become hackers, smugglers, and many other variations of societal deviants because they have few other options as we have encouraged people to be poor. We take their land, their resources, we pay-off their leaders and leave them to 'pull themselves up' while they fend for themselves in barbarity. Just think if we took all of the money and effort we devote to police and courts and jails and rehabilitation and social services and welfares and on and on and devoted it to education and economic opportunity for everyone. How much 'wealth' could be generated by the better utilitzation of these 'human resources'? It is not 'them' anymore. It's us.
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          May 18 2012: Well R H , we can make this vision of ours into reality by connecting with the best minds in TED community too :) .