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What Goals Do You Want To Accomplish But Have Never Been Able To Accomplish?

I feel as if people are naturally wired to want to achieve, but it is clear that many of the things people want to achieve are way to unrealistic, but it is because they are so great and unreal that push people yo want to do these things even more.

There are certain things that people want to accomplish as well, that is something i have yet to discover but for me what is apparent is that, whatever the goal is, people want to achieve it.


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    May 18 2012: I plan to write a marketing book that could teach few relevant lessons to students in developing country. Most places bschools follow Philip Kotler's texts without realizing that they bring out a b2c perspective largely. Developing economies' engine of growth are large number of b2b companies and Kotler's texts do not offer any help in mastering it. I m looking for an endowment/grant so that i could achieve my goal for benefit of students pursuing MBA.

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