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Are You a Human or a Monkey? What Do You think?

According to Darwins timeline of human evolution I may claim that We are monkeys, Can You give scientific proof that We are not animal species?


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    May 20 2012: We are absolutely animal species only....We belong to the category of the apes......We are also monkeys but the most intellectual among the monkeys............
    • May 24 2012: Hi Mr Monkey

      How can u explain the fact that
      we can see monkeys in the cage in zoo?
      • May 24 2012: What's there to explain?
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          May 26 2012: Explain this Gabo: why do those #*@&# monkeys at the San Francisco zoo throw their feces at me but I don't throw mine at them.
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        May 25 2012: Just wait till the aliens come then we'll be in the cage next door!
      • May 26 2012: Hi edward,

        What's there to explain?

        I don't know you other than in this forum, so I don't know what would motivate you to throw faeces at some monkeys in the zoo. I don't know those monkeys, so I don't know what has inspired them to throw faeces at you.
      • May 27 2012: Hello Edward,

        Well, of course we have differences to other primates, otherwise we would all be the same species. I left the emoticon out above too. :-)


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