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A way to get electricity from pure water.

I discovered a simple way to power things on water using no salts, acids or added chemicals. I have a live cam which runs 24/7 usually displaying things powered on water. Things like wall clocks, led lights, motors, digital clocks and so forth. Feel free to check out the site, which explains how its done as well. The live cam is

  • May 19 2012: Yes its legit, and I explained the answers I thought most would have already on the blinkyblue live cam site. Http:// If you think I left any out please tell me. As to a patent, No I cant afford that, Im not sure it can even be patented because its so simple,,and all but free except the electrodes which last a very long time,,and water, which any kind of water would work, from bottled water to tap water to rain water even. Thanks again for your reply,,much appreciated.
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      May 19 2012: I'm not sure if this is a safe descision, but try to find a safe sponsor to pay for your patent. I will give you a critique of your website when I analyze it furthur. No Problem, it is my pleasure to be able to find your ted conversation by accident. =)

      Good Luck! =)
      • May 19 2012: I heard someone trying to view the live cam,,not sure if it was you or another. I get plenty of viewers. But many cant seem to access it,,so they try over and over. With every access my computer makes a beeping sound to let me know its accessed. Ive found the software i use dont work on all browsers. I know it works on firefox, and I think ie as well, its javascript based as well, was free so what can I say. It does bother me when some try to view it again and again and they cant, they will try like 15 or so many times even sometimes, I could have mentioned only certain browsers can view it, but I forget. My apologies.
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      May 19 2012: Cool!

      I'll give it a go.

      Have you tried running the electrode connections through a couple of diodes to recharge a car battery?
      • May 20 2012: As it is, one water cell can power one wall clock, which normally would use a single AA battery. I dont think I can recharge a car battery with that. I do know that the more water cells used,,increases voltage and amperage. One water cell equals the voltage of a single AA battery but it does not equal the full amperage of an AA battery. But it will run equal things that normally used an AA battery. I run a digital clock on a single water cell as well. I run three led lights that flash, on three water cells. Two will work but three water cells makes it super bright. I run a rotating stand on a single water cell. I found that using more copper increases amperage, but Im out of copper at the moment, maybe next month or so Ill be stocked up again there and continue further improvements. Im sure if the electrodes were large enough,,and enough of them were wired in series it most likely could recharge a car battery. But I dont have enough materials to make them all nor test it at the moment.
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    May 28 2012: Congratulations you have invented the voltaic pile, and only 212 years after Alessandro volta! BTW try it with clean electrodes and distilled water and you will find it doesn't work as there are no dissolved ions to conduct the charge.
  • May 21 2012: Perhaps Bharath, if you submit to the view water is scarce, when like you said the world is three-fourths water. Rain water will do just as nicely, we get plenty of rain here. The water in the cells is not per say used up, most evaporates and you do half to add a little water once a week or so. The water cells could be made to evaporate far less, but i use open tops at the moment. I have an idea of using a cell in a air tight container,,where electrodes set above the water. Where the moisture which would evaporate and again fall or condense in the container would be enough to keep the foam moist and the cell supplying power. This version would work better in the sense that there most likely would be even less erosion of electrodes. But even as it is now, electrodes will last years.
  • May 20 2012: What you have is a Mg/H2O/Cu corrosion cell with very small current. The amount of energy that goes into making your electrodes far exceeds the energy returned in the corrosion process which takes place in your electrolyte (water). Water is not a power source and after reading your explanation on your site I think you should understand that. If you don't understand what you are doing then you could begin with some free searching online starting with these:

    Since you have no other posts on TED I regard this conversation as spam and have marked it as such. That is further supported after having read your site which seems to inconspicuously advertise for NO-IP - you seem to be seeking a money making website rather than something constructive for society and have diverted the attention of myself and others from worthwhile causes.
    Worst case scenario you are looking to defraud the unsuspecting public to donate money to you in order to pursue 'research'. I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and would like to kindly suggest that you seek a more constructive means of gainful employment. Please pursue something that you enjoy from which you and society will benefit.
    • May 20 2012: First of all,,regardless of who you are, what i said to the best of my knowledge is the truth. And it works as I stated and i have ran several things using only water for over a year. As far as spam, you seem like the typical attitude I have received from many. I did not say I will sell you what I know, I told what I know, how I think it works,,and it works like I said. As to the no ip thing, I did not even put that there, but to use the No-ip service they place it there. If you know anything about home servers or dns then you would know that. As to defraud, if you are saying the water cell cant be improved or doesn't benefit the world then you obviously spreading disinformation, anything can be improved. And thats why I ask for help to further it. There is nothing wrong with asking that, nor with improving the water cell. And as to benefiting society,,I have benefited from this by buying less batteries and polluting the land fields a little less by doing so, which benefits the environment. I mean after all, most everything around us is built on top of land fields even if from ages past. I dont really like the idea of that,,all that pollution right under us, nor the concept Im adding more pollution to a land field, which some day someone will build upon. There is nothing wrong if others want to do the same, and save a bit of money and pollute the world a little less at the same time. Regardless of the science behind the water cell, or If im wrong in my assumptions of how it works, it still works and water is all thats needed to keep it working..
      • May 20 2012: The amount of energy spent in making your electrodes far exceeds the energy returned in the corrosion process. The energy does not come from the water, it comes from corrosion of the metal. Please take the time to perform some calculations. If you do not know how, then please consult someone that might help you. Your lack of respect for someone concerned is not appreciated. I will waste my time no longer: probably like every other sensible person you've approached.

        If your post is not spam then please feel free to get involved in other conversations and talk threads, unless you have no intention of joining the TED community other than for marketing. (which currently seems your obvious intention)
        • May 21 2012: I think your forgetting one little piece to the puzzle,,the energy used in making the batteries. Then maybe you will get the picture. As to how it actually works I was not debating. Thats irrelevant,,changes nothing and it still powers my clock as long as I keep water in the cell. When I say it runs on water,,that means as long as I keep water in the cell it runs,,nothing to complicated there. As to disrespect. You started with disrespect toward me by saying I was a spammer,,and that I was diverting people from more worthy causes,,that my friend is very disrespectful! and as to when and where I post or what topics I get interested or involved in, that is my business, not yours. So dont tell me to get involved or talk elsewhere. And that last remark, where you said you will waste your time no more with me, like every other sensible person,,that if further being disrespectful. So lets all remember who was disrespectful first. Have a nice day.
  • May 18 2012: The real truth is far sadder. I emailed every scientist and science page I came across, not only that I emailed every news station email I could get. You know what happened? NOTHING, no replies, no return emails saying can I see it or anything. And yes I told all the news agencies they can come examine it, take it all apart, anything they want to prove its real, because ITS VERY REAL. But none wanted to. seems they are not even interested in the slightest. Now my point was not that I powered some little gadgets on water. My point is if I can do it on the small scale,,it will work on the large scale. I did however get a few emails from some people saying I was a fake, but its not a fake at all.
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      May 18 2012: I really think that the media or the culture of our times is extremely skeptical and even paranoid about any monumental change in the world. You must be persistent and have all your scientific research to back your claims, but I honestly have faith in humanity and because I have been down in the dumps with my fair share of mistakes in life, I see that your idea is very real. All great people in the world fail a bunch of times, but what makes them great is that they never gave up on their dreams. Go Forth and Change the world. I hope you the best. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. =)
      • May 18 2012: Thank you Derek, I get so few replies that are positive and I appreciate it. So many seem to assume Im fake before even trying it. If they gave me half a chance they would know Im telling the truth, and only doing so to possible help our world,,and our children's children's children who will suffer the fate of all our actions by what we have done to this world
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          May 18 2012: People have a habit of judging "books by their covers" but they don't even give the content a chance. Coming from my personal experience, most people around my life view me as just another book cover, but when they start reading my content, I hope they could take something much more away from my experiences. I am so glad you see a future that involves the next generation because so many just think of themselves in the current generation. They just say "screw the future, it's all about the here and now and me". Those individuals don't understand that they are passing down negative ideas that are not worth spreading, so I like to see it as cut the cancer before it spreads, and that is what bad ideas are Cancer. Good ideas are ideas like renewable resources, such as your water invention. I seriously hope you get a patent on it before someone else tries to destroy your work.

          This is a link I have found about patents. If your idea is legit, then it will revolutionize the whole world and the generations of next will benefit for a really long, long time. Be kind and pursue your dreams, with a passion. =)
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          May 18 2012: I also want to Thank You back for inspiring me with your invention. I am happy there is still hope for the world. =)
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    May 18 2012: it is cool that you disproved the law of conservation of energy, and you use it not to get a nobel price, but to power some gadgets.
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    May 18 2012: This is very interesting!

    Steven, I hope you know that if oil companies and coal companies hear about your project, they will most definitely want to pay you off or something. What would you do if you had people paying to keep this water power a secret?

    I also feel as though you should find a patent for it ASAP! Someone will try to claim it as their idea and anyone who copies them without paying "their" royalties, then they could sue or something. Not absolutely sure about the sueing part, but I think it is better to be safe than sorry. =)

    Good Luck! You got my support!
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    May 17 2012: Thats really good to hear steve, now the challenge here is if we have to bring it on a large scale , we might have to compromise on pure water and we are already short of pure water ,
    When I was a kid way back in school ,I was taught contaminated water is also a good conductor of electricity so depending on various chemical properties we have to come up with a solution that conducts electricity in the most efficient way
    • May 20 2012: As to it running on pure water, it will run on any liquid, even bottled water to tap water, to rain water. In fact other liquids used would increase output, but that would also increase electrode erosion. I only use water alone because it causes the least amount of electrode erosion. This way electrodes can last years, or more.
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      May 20 2012: Well Bharath,

      I have learned that the science behind what conducts electricity through water is not the H2O chemical compound, but the other elements and impurities within water. Like water may have copper from the pipes from our drains to the slight amounts of Sodium(Na)Chloride(Cl) in water, or table salt, conducts electricity in water. There is always metal needed to act as a conductor, so yes, we don't need pure water or more like it is less likely to be a conductor because metals are the best coductors, but Hey steve, maybe your invention breaks the theory of metals needed for conductors. Who knows......I don't disprove anything until the person disproves their own idea first. The power of empathy. =)
      • May 21 2012: Well as to impurities in the water,,I cant say,,works with all types of water I use..I first started with aqua fina water by the way,,and it ran just as good as any other..Now aqua fina is supposed to be very pure,,even the salts are supposed to be removed in that kind of water, they state they remove them which other bottling waters leave behind. I still say it uses the hydrogen and oxygen which form on the magnesium electrode in a zillion tiny bubbles. Now could it use one of the gases more then the other for energy,,or is that electrode only producing one gas and not the other,,I cant say. Further test could prove such I suppose. But like I said works with all types of water,,even aqua fina bottled water..
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          May 21 2012: The challenge is even though earth has three-fourths of water (which is not drinking water), using drinking water for electrical purpose is really not a good idea as drinking water is really scarce(1% if I am not wrong ) keeping the demand for pure water is very high.