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What is the greatest hope that mankind will continue?

In a world in crisis, I want to explore a bright side on the troubling courses of mankind and propose a possible future for mankind. However, one man cannot see all; so, I want to hear the great voices of the TED community on this matter.


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    May 17 2012: Basically, people need to be guided. Including a community or even wider. Since guidance reflects a direction which really needed for anything to move at the correct direction, and since moving to the right direction is the most important to achieve peacefulness, therefore the greatest hope of mankind is to have worldwide agreement to achieve peacefulness.
    • May 17 2012: How is this possible?
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        May 18 2012: Belief:

        All differentiations on achieving peacefulness are temporary. It is a process that will develop later in life, when, God will give the commands to all humanity to unite in peace. This is not our hope in God. And this is not a possibility to God. But this is a necessity, because we are not talking about other than God. We're talking about God as the Mighty Creator of all that exists. Which provide guidance.

        We can not judge God, that God has done wrong or the process is slow. We can't accuse God has done this, only if we have been able to demonstrate the priority of everything and put it at the right place. But we can't and we believe only God can do these.

        All disputes are only temporary. If we believe that God unable to unite mankind in one peace, then God has failed. But God never failed, God just wants to do anything within process to develope our awareness. Just one step at the time (gradually).

        Therefore, for those who believe in the existence of God, then God might not let the split in the hold to the principle of truth.

        Saturation Point:

        For each of inclination always have an opponent. And when a state reaches saturation point, it will move to the opposite side.

        And following the progress of human civilization, then there will be a shrinking of saturation point.

        Up over time from past to the present and into the future, has and will always happen separation and unification, and saturation point will be shrinked, even more (similar to unpatience). This creates severability and consolidation, larger than before.

        Until at some level, decreasing of saturation point will reach the point of almost zero and there will be a strong impact not only being united, but also a strong union that gives peace in all directions or such a destructive and extreme severability (we just don't know yet, which come first, but at least for once it should be happened).

        Less or more ...
        • Jun 2 2012: in order to say your point in belief there wouldn't you have to prove existence of god? How do you know that there is a god doing all this? who is providing guidance to all of humanity? how do we not know that there is an almighty creator? the answer can't necessarily be just a point in personal faith there has to be evidence for such a creator to exist.

          I think it is much more likely there is no god guiding us there is no one holding humanity's hand. So the future of humanity is what ever we make it. If we destroy our selves we will cease to exist, but if we try to collectively and peacefully try to solve our problems we will prosper even more.

          We cannot just hope that there is something out there, an "almighty creator" who will provide us with some form of guidance. Humanity must take its own initiative to insure a better and brighter future in order for our species to prosper even more than it already has.

          Every individual human being must take it into there own hands to make the world a better place by learning, questioning, creating, respecting others, and critically thinking about what they do to make sure that our decisions impact the world in the best way possible. We must not wait for a "god" to guide us and slowly help unite mankind, we must do it ourselves...we only have one life and we have to make the most of it!
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        Jun 2 2012: Hi Quincy

        I noticed on this TED, for several comments, questions or debates that directly to God and religion, would be deleted.

        TED has its own page for this purpose. I agree with TED.

        You may read my argument using this link http://www.ted.com/themes/is_there_a_god.html?c=471027

        Thank you
        • Jun 2 2012: thank you for telling me this im kindov new to TED and an still figgurig out how to use it.
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        Jun 2 2012: Hi Quincy

        Same to me.

        Nice talking with you


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