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Do you think it is right to give genetically modified or cloned food to people in countries that are starving. Is this right ??

Would you feel right feel right giving this food to people all over the world?

  • Jun 1 2012: The question about whether or not its right takes the automatic assumption that anything genetically modified or cloned is inherently harmful or less valuable.
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    May 31 2012: Keeping people alive in general is a realy good thing, however, is that partially good thing enough to make it right for the producer to use a profit and loss model when they cannot sell or give it away in their own country?
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    May 24 2012: .
    The country that consumes the most GMOs in the world is the USA - hardly a country in which people are starving. Almost all processed food in the US contains GMOs.
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    May 21 2012: You make a good point though in regard to genetically modified or cloned food. I wish the US would become more politically active in regard to it as Europe is. The idea of growing our own food and self sufficiency needs to return.
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    May 17 2012: There are people on this continent(Africa) who are like living skeletons,some people are covered with swarm of flies while they are alive.
    Hunger is usually unimaginable to most citizens of the developed world.It is not like fasting, it is a state of 'no-food' and 'no-hope-to-get-food'.
    Hunger is a tragedy,a tragedy that has fuelled the plague of child labour and child soldiers.
    Genetifically modified foods can save lives; if they can be provided in the refugee camps without any attempts by its providers to sneak in a bit of drug testing, then it is good.
    When you have not eaten for a month,you wont care whether the food you've been given is low fibre,or low fat,or high calory.
    And you cant stay for too long without food.