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New world order is gravitating towards democratic system of governance but overwhelming number of corporations follow top down approach ?

Recently Unilever went through global restructuring of its operations that has led to reduced delegation of decision making so as to centralize the decision making. Many a times there are stories of firing of senior execs during brief interaction with maverick bosses in high speed elevators. Rise of China also dilutes the myth of delegation & bottom up approach to decision making. How can we reconcile the dichotomy between prevent culture outside the organisation & within? Can the people effectively live in two diametrically opposite cultures everyday without compromising their sanity?


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    May 17 2012: If a leader thinks he/she can order subordinates like toy soldiers,reality will soon dawn on such a ruler.
    If capitalism or democracy is robbed of its humanity,then it shall fail.
    Democracy is about people and their freedom of choice,and their knowledge of the implications of such choices,
    No one can achieve anything worthwhile alone or without getting any help; so corporation excecutives who isolate themselves from consumers and staff will soon find themselves drowning in the waters of failure. Decisions are meant to be made with their impact on people in mind, and leaders that are out of tune with their followers are already set up for failure.
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      May 17 2012: Thanks Feyisayo, i pray that your views may come true in 21century itself.

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