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do you think marijuana should be legal globaly?

marijuana is less harmfull than most drugs that are legal and on the market such as alcohol or ciggarettes, and there are no confirmed deaths from the substance. so why does it remain illegal throughout most countries in the world?

  • Kirl TL

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    Jun 12 2012: In fact, I think all drugs should be legal. I'm serious too.
    Here's why:

    - state saves lots of money from the war on drugs
    - state makes money on saver and more reliable drugs
    - criminality would drop significantly
    - customs can focus on more important things
    - cannabis use in Holland isn't above average, there's no reason to think it would be so with other substances.
    - Better information, less misinformation
    - nothing wrong with recreational drug use, in fact it can be helpfull too (therapy etc)
    - research can continue in the open
    - etc
  • Jun 2 2012: It should definitely be legal, theres no real reason why marijuana shouldn't be legal. It is proven to not only have effective medical use with helping cancer patients, but better than (as stated) than cigarettes and alcohol. Legalizing pot would take a big weight of the jail systems globally and generate potentially billions for the global economy. Also by legalizing pot and having sales taxed and government regulated you take away money from gangs and organizations that get tons of money from dealing pot illegally. It also removes the big risk of having pot boughten from drug dealers being laced with other highly addictive and more harmful drugs. There is no good reason to continue the prohibition of marijuana and it would be a great idea to legalize it globally!
  • May 30 2012: Matthew makes a vary good point, i did a report in school about this subject and the students all agreed and liked my paper. but the teacher i wrote it for didn't like the paper because he didn't agree with the subject and said it should all be illegal. i asked him why and he said because its all bad and i probably got my research from a monkey....or a friend. i was appalled someone could have such a ignorant opinion on this matter.