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How can we redirect the media's fascination with the lives of worthless celebrities and focus more on real world issues?

With the crisis in Japan are we that caught up in the worthless lives of so called celebrities that the media has the need to focus on them with such importance?


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  • Mar 12 2011: Its a facet of human nature to look up to a leader in society, to admire and idolize them for their efforts and greatness. Ironically however, today our leaders have little to no societal worth. We have to ask the question "What are they giving to us then" it must be something that makes them this valuable to the masses. I think what that something is, is simply escapism. We live in times so exasperated and obtuse that people naturally fall into a addictive need for relief. I think this comes in many forms, including celebrities.

    Now there are people of minor fame who actually do contribute to society quite a bit. Who expose the current problems of the world and spring those who watch them to take action. These people are what if anything celebrities should be. My example is the online community of something called Nerdfighteria believe it or not. The sun that this community revolves around are two kids named John and Hank Green who are on youtube and call themselves the Vlogbrothers. One of them is currently in Haiti helping out. They but together a giant charity every year that's sole purpose is to spread awareness by people power of many charities and donate to them. Last year I believe over $150,000 was raised total. They do much more than this however. I would go check it out.
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      Mar 12 2011: A great point, there are many celebrities of major fame who also do amazing work which as you say is maybe their lot in life to return the good. I was just looking at the headlines on Japan and there was Charlie Sheen on house arrest and the sex of the Beckam's next child. To which I think "Who cares' but obviously some do.

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