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hydrogen/solar energy storage units that can be used for personal home use.

Hahaa...well the original conversation on personal hydrogen/solar units for our home use has closed and I found the original reason I posted it in the first place...so I'll post the question subject again - I couldn't remember where I had seen the technology until last night when I watched the series again and lo and behold.....there it was!!! The Nova series on Making Stuff 'CLEANER' so---here it is.........

FINALLY I FOUND IT!!! I finally found the video that got me wondering about this in the first place!

VID LINK= http://video.pbs.org/video/1768954299/

It is the NOVA series on Making Stuff.... and it is the Making Stuff-CLEANER episode that left me so excited....---. I could not believe all the progress we have made but it got me wondering WHY.....why can't we get all these people in this episode together to come up with the best of all of them??? If we could get........The guy with the processed/cooked chicken feathers that are as absorbant as carbon nano tubes, at a greener/cheaper way to produce it - that allows storage of Hydrogen in a container without pressure..........along with the guy who developed the BLOOM BOX technology that helps run Google and several other companies.......and the guy that produced a paper thin 'natural leaf' solar strip that operates in water to produce hydrogen with minimal light........and also the guys that have a 500 hp electric motorcycle because of the use of lithium batteries......... if we could get all these people together to create a self sustaining power storage/unit to self contain our homes power and our transportation needs..... - we'd be better for it!

Harnessing the solar and hydrogen energy and storing it safely - long term............THAT'S what we need to do now.

Just sayin...............the answers are here....we just need to get them all together to produce the products we need to advance our lives to a cleaner/healthier future!!! :)

So....GO.... WATCH THE VIDEO..... and see what I'm talking about??

  • Jun 2 2012: Is there a non flash version for those on apple to see? Thanks