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Why is the mother-daughter relationship so marginalized within the media, education, and society?

I have come to understand that the mother-daughter relationship is marginalized because it is the root of women's power. Having worked as a counselor and psychotherapist specializing in mothers and daughters for over fifteen years I've witnessed first hand the power this relationship has to challenge and change gender stereotypes that limit women's voice and freedom and help the next generation of women claim their equal place at all tables of power. Marginalizing this key female relationship through lack of publishing, discussion, and limiting it into mothers with difficult teenage daughters or daughters with difficult elderly mothers stops us recognized how this relationship spans the life time and generations. It holds the power to educate the next generation of women to claim a different space than their mothers, and it has the fire of wanting something badly that we will do what it takes to make sure our daughters have a different experience than we have had. Marginalizing mothers and daughters also makes our female history invisible. Let's talk about our relationship with our mothers and discover how much greatness is hidden within these women's lives. Rosjke Hasseldine


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    May 31 2012: I don't think the problem is the lack of representation of the mother-daughter relationship, in fact I think this phenomenon falls under the umbrella of the lack of representation of female-female relationships in the media in general. I feel like most films and TV shows only show how women relate to each other in relationship to the men in their lives, for example, two women with the same love interest. While there definitely is a lack of representation of female relationships, I do think in the past decade or so there has been an increase in shows and films that portray these relationships without men. Good examples are Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Bridesmaids, The Women (which actually doesn't show any male characters.) But of course that's just a handful, there's still a lot to improve!

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